NFL Top Offensive Rookies So Far In 2019

offensive rookies

There are a lot of good offensive rookies this season in the NFL; in this piece, I will be highlighting a few of them.

Josh Jacobs  Running Back  Oakland Raiders

Josh Jacobs has helped the Raiders get off to a good start this season. He has rushed for 430 yards on 88 carries. He also has four rushing touchdowns. Jacobs looked good against the Chicago Bears against one of the NFL top defenses. If the Raiders want to be successful, they will need to keep giving Jacobs the ball. Look for the Raiders to use Jacobs more in the passing game as well. He only has six receptions for 77 yards so far this season. Jacobs is probably the top offensive rookie so far this season of all the rookies.

Kyler Murray  Quarterback  Arizona Cardinals

In six games with the Cardinals, Kyler Murray has thrown for 1,664 yards, seven touchdowns, and four interceptions. While also adding 39 rushed for 238 yards and two touchdowns. Murray has played above average so far this season, but you can see his potential. Against the Atlanta Falcons, he had his break out game passing for 340 yards and three touchdowns. I am excited to see what Kyler can do for the rest of this year.

Gardner Minshew  Quarterback  Jacksonville Jaguars

Minshew has surprised a lot of people so far this season with his excellent play. In six games, he has thrown for 1,442 yards, completing 124 of 194 of his passes. Also, he has thrown nine touchdowns and just two interceptions. Since taking over for Nick Foles, Minshew has been more than what the Jags could ask for. Let’s see how he can play for the rest of the season.

Terry McLaurin  Wider Receiver    Washington Redskins

McLaurin is making the most of a bad situation in Washington. He is just showing up to play and putting in work. So far this season, he has 23 catches for 408 yards and five touchdowns. McLaurin has stepped up and taken over as the Redskins No. 1 receiver. Even with the uncertainty at quarterback, McLaurin is playing well. I hope he can keep it up; he is an outstanding young player.

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