Is It Time For The Buccaneers To Move On From Jameis Winston?

Jameis Winston

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Bruce Arians as head coach during the offseason. Many thought Jameis Winston would benefit. Arians has had a history of helping turnover-prone quaterback cut down on their mistakes. But in week one that was not the case with Winston.

Sunday Against San Francisco

Against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Winston threw three interceptions, including to pick-sixes. Also, he fumbled twice, but the Buccaneers recovered both of them. Winston last interception was a screenplay that got blown up, and he should have just thrown it away, but he did not. He lobbed the ball, and it was picked off for a game-sealing pick-six.

Career Turnover Numbers

Winston came in the league in 2015 and has thrown 61 interceptions and 40 fumbles. Eighteen of which were recovered by the opposing team. When the play is not there, Winston needs to throw the ball away are scamble for yards. He tries to force the ball downfield, and it leads to interceptions. Also, Winston holds the ball too long in the pocket, which leads to strip-sacks.

Jameis Winston turnovers contribute to his 21-34 record as a starter in the NFL. The Buccaneers back quarterback is Ryan Griffin because Blaine Gabbert is still recovering from a shoulder injury, so Winson should not have to worry about his starting job anytime soon. But if the interceptions and fumbles keep up Arians may be forced to make a change. Either way, these next couple games are crucial for Winston to perform well.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night. It will be critical for Winston to play well and cut down on the turnovers. If he does not, this could be the last year Winston plays in the NFL. If Arians can not fix him, teams will wonder if Winston could be fixed. I feel this is Winston make it or break it year. It is time for him to perform no excuses.


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