Running Back Alfred Morris Signs With The Dallas Cowboys

alfred morris

With Ezekiel Elliot holding out, the Dallas Cowboys have signed running back Alfred Morris. Morris played for the Cowboys in 2017 when Elliot missed six games due to suspension.


Alfred Morris

In the 2017 season, Morris ran for 547 yards and had one touchdown. While in Washington, Morris ran for over1,00 yards three times. Last season with the 49ers, Morris had 111 carries for 428 yards and two touchdowns.

Running back Alfred Morris was effective in his time with the Cowboys, he averaged almost five yards per rush, but he is no Ezekiel Elliot.

Ezekiel Elliot Hold out

Elliot is still holding out,  The Cowboys have reportedly offered a substantial offer to Elliot on Monday, but they have not yet heard back from him. Ezekiel is under contract with the Cowboys until 2020, if the Cowboys pick up the $9.09 million fifth-year option. He is set to make $3.853 million this season.

The Cowboys running back has a right to hold out because he is severely underpaid. Running back shelf life is not long, so the Cowboys can make Elliot play out his current contract. When the contract is up, they can still franchise tag him twice down the road. So that could be four more years with the Cowboys and after the franchise tags are done, when its time to pay Zeke, the cowboys can say your too old and have a lot of mileage on your body.

So people should understand why Elliot is holding out, he is trying to cash in while his value is still high.

Missing training camp will cost Elliot up to $40,000 fine each day he misses. If he misses six days of camp, the Cowboys can come after 15 percent of the signing bonus he received in 2016. But if he shows up soon the Cowboys could wave all the fines, so he would not have to pay.

It will be crucial for Dallas to get Elliot’s contract taking care of. He is what drives the Cowboys offense when Elliot plays well the Cowboys usually win; when he’s slowed down the Cowboys offense struggles.

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