How to Solve the Kicking Woes: Defenders Edition


Credit: Megan Wood


The most underrated arena football position has to be the kicker, and the Burgh Defenders need to put an end to the woes of the kicking position this offseason because kickers can score in many ways in arena football.

In arena football, the kicker can score points in many different ways and varieties. Such as on the kickoff if the ball goes through the uprights, it’s an Uno for one point in leagues like the AAL of which the Burgh Defenders play in. Also, instead of a normal field goal, which is still three points, the ball can be dropped for a dropkick worth four points if it is successful. A drop kick can also be attempted for the extra point, and it is worth two points if it goes through the uprights.

Myself with writing about the Burgh Defenders, it was very frustrating seeing that this was a very troublesome position to fill. A lot of the kickoffs went about twenty yards, and to my knowledge, I do not remember many field goals or even field goals since kicker, Travis Paul was ‘gone’ from the team. I say ‘gone’ because the team never stated if it was an injury, a release, or something else. He just disappeared from the games.

If I were in control of the franchise, I would put that very high on my agenda for the offseason, to find a reliable kicker. A lot of people and fans think kickers don’t matter, but that’s just ludicrous. That position can make or break games for you. Three points or fewer may decide some games, and a team may have risk going for a long fourth down instead of going to a reliable kicker to add some points to the board. Some kickers can even do more than handle kicking duties, like Anthony Prevost, sometimes known as the “Swiss Army Knife” because he can play just about anywhere, kicker, long snapper, return man, receiver, you name it, and he can play it

The Defenders need to seek a kicker this offseason very badly; I would be avidly holding tryouts or inviting specialists in for a visit to see what they have to show because almost any option is better than the current situation at hand. They have a bit of time to look over the film and get to know the candidates, so that is a good thing for them. 

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