Defenders Make Moves But Still On Hold

Burgh Defenders

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The Burgh Defenders have postponed their second straight home games. Last week they were scheduled to the Jersey Flight on Friday Night. Tomorrow, they were scheduled to play the New England Bobcats once again, but that is on hold until future notice.

The Defenders have been delaying home games because the field at Printscape Arena is rather small, and they use the soccer field side of it; the opposing team holds an ice rink, but it’s in use due to high school hockey. After the hockey season, the Defenders will move to the ice side.

In the lull of football action, they have made some roster cuts including, quarterback Areleaus “Clutch” Lee, wide receiver and kick returner Troy Burleigh, linebacker Javon Tarver, and defensive end Malon Howell.

With the loss of Lee, the Defenders will be using either Curtis Lewis or Scott Stone, Stone and Lewis are only 5″10, but they show that height is not everything for a quarterback. Both quarterbacks can scramble if needed and have a pretty good arm as well.

Alex Noble, the ace receiver is a massive asset to the team. I would without a doubt say that Noble can move to a higher level of arena football after the Defenders season. Anytime he is targeted he makes the catch.

The Burgh Defenders will need to find a spark in themselves after sitting the past two weeks and possibly more. Maybe the delay is what they need to spark a fire in their belly, and Defend the Burgh! 

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