How Can Charles Leclerc Bounce Back From A Heartbreaking Loss?

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Imagine this, you are a rookie Formula One driver, and you had a great first season. Quite frankly because of that you get promoted to Ferrari, which just happens to be the second best team in formula one and very capable of winning races.  Imagine you qualify on pole, and beat your teammate who is a multi-world champion by half a second.  Then imagine during race day that you completely beat everybody, and you are winning the race by more than 20 seconds at one point.  Now just imagine that with five laps to go, your engine decides to stop working.  Well, that’s what happened to Charles Leclerc in Bahrain.

This had to be the worst ending you could go through for this young man.  This is his first podium, but it was not what he wanted or expected with only five laps to go.  Charles is a very positive man, as he praised the team the entire time even though it was the car that ruined him in the end.

In the Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton passed Charles Leclerc and so did his teammate.  Leclerc looked like a sitting duck because he was almost 30 miles per hour slower on the straights with his engine issue.  At the end of the race in the cool-down room, Lewis Hamilton praised Charles about his race and how he deserved to win.

Things weren’t all unlucky for Charles Leclerc though, as he still got the podium by a lucky safety car.  On the bright side, it does look like he can challenge his teammate Sebastian Vettel.  We should see some good battles throughout the season and some entertaining races.

So how could Charles Leclerc bounce back from this?  Well, he hadn’t been passed so nothing is saying that he can’t win next week in China.  It is unfortunate to see him lose in this type of way, but he is just in his second season and has a whole lot more races he will win.  Things didn’t go quite right in this race, but as they say, everything happens for a reason. 

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