Money in Memphis? The Memphis Chronicles

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This Saturday the Express suffered yet another loss in Salt Lake. Adding insult to injury Zach Mettenberger was just placed on injured reserve. I can’t give anyone a game ball in this game. But greater days are ahead for Memphis with the signing of the man, the myth, the legend Johnny Manziel!

Yes, you heard it right Money Manziel is going to play on the Memphis Express in the AAF. I think this will be an excellent addition for both Manziel, and the Express I will cover why ahead.

The Memphis offensive line is notoriously known for letting defensemen in quickly. Manziel is known for his scrambling tactics from his college days. His throw on the run is extraordinarily good. He is a great leader too; he needs the right veteran quarterback, like Zach Mettenberger especially since he will not be able to play so he could teach Manziel some new things or how to be more level headed. Mettenberger is fantastic at teaching guys, as you can see Mettenberger helping guys out all the time in the huddle and the sideline. Mettenberger was just placed on the injured reserve, so this could be a great mentor experience to help out Manziel!

Now onto why I think Manziel and Mettenberger will click. They both came from big schools and did big things in college but had short NFL starting tenures. Both also had somewhat of a troubled past and kept fighting. Manziel will be looking for something to prove, as he should take over the starting role from Brandon Silvers.

Johnny Manziel seems very hungry and looking for another shot to get back to the NFL or even become an AAF legend, as he was already practicing with the Express on Monday. This will be very interesting to see play out. The quarterback room in Memphis just got even more interesting. I think this will be very interesting to see play out; maybe Johnny Manziel can find the spark that he had in college once again and turn Memphis around.

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