Three Keys To The Game For The San Diego Fleet vs. Salt Lake Stallions

Fleet vs. Stallions

Credit: San Diego Fleet



On Saturday night the San Diego Fleet face the Salt Lake Stallons in San Diego. Both teams are coming off losses. Last week the Fleet lost 26-23 to the Memphis Express, and the Stallons lost 20-11 to the Apollos the AAF top team. In the loss, the Fleet lost there starting quarterback Philip Nelson. Week one starter Mike Bercovici will take over for the injured Nelson.

Run The Ball

Credit: San Diego Fleet

To take the pressure off of Bercovici, the Fleet must run the ball. Ja’Quan Gardner had a tough game last week rushing for just nine yards. Gardner leads the AAF in rushing, so it is critical for him to get going for the Fleet to have any chance to win the game. Also, get Terrell Watson some touches to together Gardner and Watson make a fierce 1-2 punch. Mike Martz must lean on the run game and scale back on the passing plays. The Stallons possess the number one rushing defense so it will be a tall task for the Fleet to run the ball.

Slow Down Karter Schult

The Fleet offensive line does not block well, they have given up 12 sacks on the season. The Stallons have the league leader in sacks, Karter Schult. Schult has four sacks on the season. The offensive line for the Fleet must find out where he is and use chip blocking and double teams to slow Schult down. If they can not do that, it will be a long night for quarterback Mike Bercovici.

Stop The Run

Credit: San Diego Fleet

The Fleet must stop the run and make the Stallons one dimensional. Make Josh Woodrum beat them by passing. The Fleet has a fantastic defensive line. Their defensive line has 16 total sacks on the season. Led by Damontre Moore, Shakir Soto, and Alex Barrett, they average for sacks a game. The Stallons only give up to sacks a game, so therefore it will be interesting to see what happens there.



I think this game will come down to what goes down in the trenches. We have the leads leading rusher going up against the number rush defense. The Fleets outstanding defensive line against a pretty good Stallons offensive line. This will be a physical game and whoever wins the battle in the trenches will come out on top. 

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