Ranking the Formula 1 2019 Liveries

It’s that time of the year again. The 2019 Formula One season is right around the corner. Preseason testing is almost here, and that means we get to see the new liveries. Some teams didn’t change much, and some others went with entirely new color schemes. Stay tuned as I will be ranking the liveries on this grid this year.

1. McLaren

Image result for 2019 Mclaren f1 car
Credit: Formula Spy

Not much has changed about the car, but it still looks nice. The orange looks great! The only thing new this year is that the back of the car has more blue. Black and blue look good together, now let’s just hope that Mclaren doesn’t finish in last place this year.


2. Williams

Image result for 2019 williams livery
Credit: Autosport

Williams didn’t change the color scheme but did change the livery by a lot. Last year, Williams and Sauber looked familiar from the front, but after seeing this Williams livery, it should be easy to tell them apart from now on.

The light blue blending with the white in the middle and then blending back into blue is simply amazing. I’m sure no one expected Williams to make a livery like this, but they pulled it off. The only thing now is to make sure the race results are as good as the design on the car.


3. Alfa Romeo

Image result for 2019 alfa romeo livery
Credit: Formula 1

Word on the street is that this is another one-off livery. The livery was released on the 14th which represents the hearts in the design.

A lot about this design is the use of geometric spades and hearts. It looks like a card game on a car.

Either way, Alfa Romeo has nice liveries, or if this isn’t the official car, we at least know that the one-off is amazing.



Image result for 2019 mercedes f1
Credit: Sky Sports

Wow! Talk about a livery!

The usual metallic gray and blue and green have been re-imagined. In years past Mercedes have somewhat stayed with their design, but this year they add a lot of spice to it. The simple black back end fading into the metallic gray may make the car the best of the track.

The car looks very aggressive. Just imagine this car going past you. All you see in your mirror is metallic gray and then black as you can only see the back of the car. Now we just need to make sure Valterri Bottas can win in this beast of a livery this year.


5. Red Bull Racing

Image result for 2019 red bull f1
Credit: The Drive

Every year Red Bull Racing has a pre-season design. Last year we saw the black and blue camouflage, and this year we have a black design with red stripes and logos. The thing with Red Bull is that they only use the new livery for the pre-season testing. Therefore, this amazing livery that was shown off will not be on the grid this year. In fact, it will be a normal design from years past.


6. Torro Russo

Image result for 2019 toro rosso livery
Credit: Autosport

Nothing noticeable changes this year with Torro Russo’s livery. For that reason, there isn’t much to say here besides the fact that it is a decent livery but isn’t as exciting.


7. Renault F1

Image result for 2019 renault f1
Credit: Motorsport.com

Once again, another car that didn’t change its livery. Renault’s car has a unique design, and it makes sense not to change it. The main point of the livery is to be two-sided. From the front, the car would appear to be all yellow. From the side, the car is all black. It is a nice concept, and I’m glad they kept it like that.


8. Rich Energy Haas F1 Racing Team

Image result for 2019 haas f1 livery
Credit: Formula 1

It’s never good when your team name sounds like a run on sentence.

Haas enter this year with a completely new color scheme. No more red and white. This year Haas decide to go with the good ole black and gold. Safe to say, it looks really nice.

The whole reason for changing the color scheme is because of the new sponsor “Rich Energy.” The company’s colors are black and gold, so this makes complete sense.

With the base of the car being black and the accents being gold, it looks like a solid color from one lighting point, and then gold on another. Using a darker color as an accent on a dark car will make for some interesting reflections. I think this car will look good on the grid, but the colors may not contrast well on the track. We will have to wait and see.


9. Ferrari

Image result for 2019 ferrari f1 livery
Credit: Motorsport.com

If red is your favorite color, then this is the car for you. Since Ferrari partnered with Mission Winnow, they are obligated to incorporate that sponsorship on the car. Luckily for the Italian team, the red and white look good together, and the sponsorship compliments the car.

Ferrari keeps up with their past designs by bringing a bright red car with a bunch of white colored decals and sponsorships. Nothing crazy in this design but overall it is a solid car.


10. Racing Point F1

Image result for 2019 racing point f1 2019 Formula 1 Liveries
Credit: Sky Sports

It’s the newly bought team by Racing Point known as “Force India” last year. Last year the car was 80% pink and 20% white. This year they just kept white and added blue, and its…interesting.

The three colored car can through you off. It is a nice design with pink and white, but the blue seems out of place. From certain angles, the blue looks nice, but from others, it just doesn’t fit in. 

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