5 Things We Have Learned From the San Diego Fleet’s First Week of Training Camp

Training camp launched for all eight teams in the AAF last week on January 4th. All eight teams are doing training camp in San Antonio for the inaugural season. Today we will be discussing five things we have learned so far. Stick around for the whole article because I was lucky enough to interview a fleet player about training camp.

Team Huddle
Photo: AAF San Diego Fleet


1. The Fleet Acquired a Top Tier Personnel

Head Coach Mike Martz was asked how he felt about his personnel during an interview after practice. Mike Martz had the following to say, ” I like our personnel, I really like our players… I love their intensity and effort, along with the attention to detail.”

The first few days of training camp are always the hardest, and if Coach Martz is praising the team, that’s always a good sign.

San Diego has a lot of NFL talent and emerging talent on their roster. With the likes of Gavin Escobar and Bishop Sankey on the team, these players can learn off of each other and be something special.


2. The Defense looks really good… or the Qb’s are bad?

Defensively, the San Diego Fleet have a lot of talent. So much so, that a variety of players on defense have come down with pick six’s, sacks and great coverage.

Let’s just hope this good defense being shown isn’t just bad quarterback play. The Fleet have strong quarterbacks so this theory can just fly out the window. Either way, if the Defense Backs are coming up with turnovers in training camp, let’s just hope they can play like this on the big stage.


3. Is Alex Ross the Best Qb on the Roster?

Alex Ross
Photo: San Diego Fleet

There have been a lot of highlights showcasing Alex Ross. So much so that Ross has been getting a lot of reps with the first team. That doesn’t mean he is the starter, but with a lot of time left in training camp, Ross can force a Qb battle.

Alex Ross has shown his arm in training camp. He is also throwing the ball very accurately. In most of Alex Ross’s highlights, the ball is perfectly placed in the receivers hands.

Mike Bercovici might be in another Quarterback battle. Let us not forget that Josh Johnson may come back too. Who would you take in a Quarterback battle? Bercovici or Ross?


4. So Many Wide Receivers Being Cut!

DeQuan Hamilton
Photo: San Diego Fleet


Does coach Mike Martz and his staff hate wide receivers? Or do they have too many? The Fleet have cut so many receivers that Free Safety Kam Kelly has transitioned into a wideout.

The Fleet cut the following receivers.

  • Isaiah Burse
  • De’Quan Hampton
  • Darreus Rodgers
  • Wayne Caspers Jr
  • Jordan Gandy

Some of these names are very surprising including Hampton and Caspers. Both receivers had great potential but now won’t have a chance at the fleet. These players must have really struggled in camp to be cut so early. Hopefully, the Fleet won’t run into any wide receiver problems in the future. For now, they have the likes of Dontez Ford, and Gavin Escobar and Aaron Peck at Tight End.


5. Training Camp is Getting Easier?

For this last segment, I was able to interview San Diego Fleet Place Kicker, Cole Murphy. I asked him a couple of questions about how training camp is going so far and his answers might surprise you.

Firstly, I asked him, ” How much harder has training camp got as the days go on?”

Surprisingly Murphy said, ” As we progress through the weeks, we are learning how the practices and drills run, making it more streamline and easy flowing”

From a theoretical point, this makes complete sense. The more you do something, the better you get at it. It’s all about getting comfortable with what you are dealt.

Secondly, I asked Cole Murphy, ” How does this training camp compare to the college level camps”. If you did not know, Cole attended Syracuse and was the kicker there and hit 59 field goals in his career. Cole Muphy responded to that question with the following answer, ” Camp in the Aaf is definitely different, the biggest difference is that we only have one field to use… As a specialist, we don’t have much room to kick so we are having to get creative. We have soccer goals, cones, and trash cans to use for drills.”

If Cole Murphy has to get creative to be amazing, I’m all for it.

If you would like to see the Quarterback Breakdown for the San Diego Fleet, click this link. https://ambushsportsnetwork.com/2019/01/04/breaking-down-the-san-diego-fleet-quarterbacks/

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