Red Sox Magical Season!

Baseball fans! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a die-hard baseball fan and I especially love the Red Sox, who started the season 22-7, the best start in franchise history!

The team has had a different feel since the acquisition of right fielder J.D. Martinez this off-season! He has brought a spark to the batting lineup, hitting 60 home runs, 152 RBIs and 1.074 OPS since 2017’s All-Star game to July 14th, 2018, leading all of the MLB in those categories. With that added offensive power, the Sox are on pace to win over 100 games and win their third consecutive American League East championship!

Would you like to see the Red Sox win the World Series this year? Can they complete a run throughout the postseason? Give me your best shot, they are my number one choice!

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