Jones vs Reyes Recap

Jones Reyes

Credit: UFC

As the dust has settled after a great weekend of fights in Houston, Texas, we begin to seek clarity on what was an exciting, well-debated Main Event. In that headlining bout, we saw the challenger Dominick Reyes live up and surpass any expectations that were had of him.

Reyes was able to use his striking and land heavy shots on Jon Jones throughout the first three rounds. In the championship rounds, we saw exactly that, a champion take over and dominate the octagon. At the time of the fight, I scored it 48-47 Jones, scoring rounds 2,4,5 for the LHW Champ. When I went back and watched it over, I still scored it 48-47, however scoring round 3,4,5 for Jones.

In the fallout of UFC 247, we have heard the uproar and call for action in regards to judging in MMA as judge Joe Solis scored the main event 49-46 Jones. But was he really that far off…In Round 1, we saw Reyes land a cross left well-timed with a Jones leg kick that sent the champion to the canvas, and without a doubt, Round 1 went to Reyes. Round 2, we saw much more of the same as Reyes had 33 significant strikes to Jones 22; however, this is when Jones began to take over.

Round 3 was the most contested round of the fight, as we saw on Verdict Global Scorecard a slight +0.17 yet again in favor of the challenger. Rounds 4 and 5 were dominant by Jones as he landed takedowns in both and landed more significant strikes in both. The difference for me was the way Jones used his elusive defense to avoid any real damage and his constant control of the octagon.

The champion paced himself through the first three rounds, slipping heavy punches and using effective body kicks to wear down Reyes. Jones took over and dominated the championship rounds, securing yet another title defense for the greatest martial artist of all-time. The only clarity we now seek is what’s next.

Written By: Lynden Voth
Twitter: @LyndenVothMMA
Youtube: @AroundTheWorldMMA

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