Prospect Interview: Brennan Sefick, DB, Waynesburg



Brennan Sefick, a defensive back out of Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania, is a player to look out for. He’s a lockdown corner, and that’s just, to say the least! Keep reading to see why he should be on the board for pro teams!

Yellow Jackets

As a Yellow Jacket at Waynesburg, Sefick always played great. But first, he was actually on the Alderson Broaddus football team before coming to Waynesburg. His first season at Waynesburg, he started 5 of 9 games in 2016.

Breakout Year

2017 was a great year for Sefick. He finished up the year earning 2nd team All-PAC honors; Started all ten games. Finished second on the team in both interceptions with two, and pass breakups with eight.

Senior Season

Brennan Sefick
Credit: Waynesburg Football

Sefick also has a great senior year too. This past season he had three interceptions. He also started all ten games once again. Sefick started two full seasons in a row and always shows up with his A-Game and ready to lock down receivers. That’s a trait I would certainly want as a coach or a team.

Catching Up with Sefick

Credit: Waynesburg Football


I had the opportunity to ask Brennan some questions about football and about himself! Here’s what he had to say!

Q: What was your favorite college football memory?

A: My favorite college football memory was the experiences I had with my teammates and coaches. I enjoyed everything from practice to offseason workouts, gameday, time spent off the field; it was a great experience.

Q: What’s your favorite college field you played at?

A: Our Home field. Besides that Carnegie Mellon University

Q: What’s your ultimate football dream?

A: My ultimate football dream is to play in the NFL. It would be an indescribable feeling.

Q: What’re a few songs from your pregame playlist?

AEminem- Lose Yourself

2Pac -Ambitionz as a Ridah

Meek Mill- Wins and Losses

Q: What’s an interesting fact about you

A: I overcame two season-ending Injuries during my college career

Q: Who was your favorite football team growing up?

A: The Florida Gators


Parting Shots

I want to thank Brennan Sefick for answering those questions for me and wish him the best in his journey to the pros! You can follow him on Twitter @BSeef21

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