Changes To The WNBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

On Monday morning the WNBA Collective Bargaining Agreement had added a few changes. These changes have been issues that WNBA players have been fighting for, for years. According to the New collective bargaining agreement, there will be a substantial pay increase, upgraded travel accommodations, and paid maternity leave. Joy came across the league when these changes were announced. To WNBA players and families this is a victory that that was a long time coming.

Player Wage Issues

WNBA players are significantly paid less than NBA players. In some cases, some players have to play across seas so they can make ends meet. Imagine playing a full WNBA season and then having to go across seas just to be able to provide for oneself and in some cases a family. The pay gap between WNBA and NBA players is just ridiculous. Players have been standing up against this issue on their social media platforms. According to Matt Ellentuck for SBNation, the league and its player’s union opted out of their current CBA agreement in November 2018 after the W’s top players used their social media platforms to voice displeasure that the league’s revenue split, paltry salaries, benefits, and travel accommodations.


Adding paid maternity leave is such a necessary change for the league. Now players can extend their families without being worried about losing money. The improvement of accommodations on the road is needed. According to the new collective bargaining agreement, players can upgrade their flights and have individual hotel rooms on the road. To the average person, this is not a big deal, however, these are professional athletes. This type of treatment should not have to be fought for.

Future For WNBA

The future looks bright for the WNBA. These changes may look small however, they are serious and needed to have happened a long time ago. This gives WNBA players a better quality of life. As professional athletes, these women deserve to be truly paid for their talent and not.

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