Lewerke Vs. Lombardi: Michigan States QB Battle

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Michigan State has one of the best defenses in the country with stars like Joe Bachie and Kenny Willekes, but the poor offensive play overlooks them. Or to narrow that down farther, quarterback play. Brian Lewerke has had two less than impressive years in a row and continues to drive Spartan fans crazy. That leaves the question, should head coach Mark Dantonio keep Brian Lewerke, or put in a backup quarterback, Rocky Lombardi?

Brian Lewerke

Lewerke’s last great season was when he was a Sophomore. But since that, it looks like he forgot how to throw a football. It’s frustrating for all of Spartans fanbase and has fans begging to put Rocky Lombardi in. Lewerke has only 19 touchdowns in his junior and senior season so far. He had more in his sophomore season alone, racking up 20 touchdowns. But is he really to blame? It seems that every series goes the same way for the Spartans. Run, run, pass, then punt, so you need to question the coaching staff. Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio has become way too conservative, so can you blame Brian Lewerke. Looking at the stats, though, Lewerke has significantly improved from last year to this year. But is that enough?

Rocky Lombardi

A lot of Spartan Nation agrees that both Lewerke and Lombardi were handled poorly by the coaching staff last season. Lombardi played great in his first start against Purdue last season. He had 328 yards, completed 26 of his 46 passes, which included two touchdowns. This performance earned him Big Ten Freshman of the Week. He was also the only Spartan that could move the ball downfield and score on Ohio State but still was not named the starter even though for a while, Lombardi would take most the reps in practice, but at the end of the week, he would always be informed Lewerke would be starting over him.

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Lewerke Vs. Lombardi

Both Lewerke and Lombardi seem to be used wrongfully by the coaching staff, but at the end of the day, I don’t see why Lombardi wouldn’t play over Lewerke. Lewerke is a fifth-year senior this season while Lombardi is a sophomore, which means he is expected to start next season. But in the meantime, MSU is going to hang with their guy, Brian Lewerke.

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