Maximum Football 2019 Released Today

maximum football 2019

College football video gaming is back! Earlier today Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 was released. It is available on Xbox One and PS4 and will feature college football’s first dynasty mode on a video game system in six years.

You will be able to select from two leagues, 27 Canadian teams, and 130 US teams. Take control of your college football program and lead them to a bowl game or the College football playoff. In this game, you will be able to customize every team in the game; it includes their team information, rosters, and uniforms. Also, you will be able to design your logo with over 200 stock logos to choose from.

Maximum Football 2019 will allow you to play as Doug Flutie as Quarterback in play now & season mode. Also, there will be multiple rule sets and field sizes. You will be bake to choose from US Pro, Canadian, or College football rules.

I am happy there is a college football to play now; finally, I know its not real college teams, but it still will be fun to play. I loved the NCAA Collge Football games EA sports use to make. It sucked when they were no longer able to make it. Hopefully, Maximum Football can feel the void and grow as a company to eventually get licensed to get real college teams down the road. Either way, I will enjoy playing the game and creating my teams.

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