AAF Week 8: Sunday Takeaways

AAF Week 8 Sunday

Credit: The Alliance

Yesterday’s queue was full of football, and some great performances.

But today, I am going to be presenting some notable takeaways, critical performances by the players, and individual player stats.


Alright! Let’s get this started.

First things first, Birmingham Iron versus Atlanta Legends.

Oh boy, the Legends just can’t catch a break. And when they do, they manage to somehow, some way, screw everything up.

But the Iron, have indeed, rebounded. They assuredly dominated this game, and they were generating turnovers like there was no tomorrow.

Let’s review the offensive and defensive aspects for both teams.



Credit: Atlanta Legends

1. Offense:

QB Matt Simms and Aaron Murray did not stand a chance against the Iron’s defense.

As they both combined to have a completion percentage of 54.3 percent, 235 YDs, and 2 INTs.

Each of them had 1 INT, and at least 100 Passing Yards.

The Legends don’t have much of an offensive line, either. As the Iron’s defense gained sack upon sack, racking up four, at the end of regulation.


Running back/s:

RB Brandon Radcliff is the only one here worthy of note, as he gained 30 YDs, off of 5 ATTs.

That stat-line doesn’t appear to be bad on paper, to be honest. An average of 5 YDs per carry (attempt), is pretty good.

I wonder how the stat-sheet would look like if he were fed a bigger load.



WR Justin Thomas should be proud of himself on his way back to his residence. He collected 74 YDs, off of 4 RECs. With an impressive 18.5 YDs per REC average.

Another notable WR: Malachi Jones. 3 RECs, and 48 YDs.


Notable Special Teams player:

K Younghoe Koo scored Atlanta’s only points today and continues his perfect season.

He kicked for 3 FGs.


2. Defense:

Now, this is where I wanted to get to…

Someone needs to drop the hammer on DB/PR Dwayne Hollis.

Coach needs to bench this guy for eternity. Or at least let someone else return the punts!

Dwayne Hollis had ridiculously muffed two punts and fumbled on another punt return.

On the third punt fumble, he was inching for a few more yards, nearly touching the ground with his knee. And then an Iron defensive-man stepped up and put an end to his extra (unnecessary) thrust of life, by punching the football out from his grasp.

The ball wound up in Birmingham’s possession, and then returned to the inside of the ten yard-line. Where Birmingham followed the previous play up, with the only touchdown of the game.


Now on to real defensive performance.

The Legends defense manifested when it came to bringing the opposing quarterback down to the turf. They had 5 Sacks on the day.

LB Jeff Luc was unstoppable, with a 3 Sack, 8 Solo Tackle game.

Other LB Dylan Donahue had a good game, recording 1 Sack, and 3 Solo Tackles.

DT Tracy Sprinkle probably slept good last night. Knowing he had 1 Sack and 1 Solo Tackle.



Credit: Birmingham Iron

1. Offense:

QB Luis Perez had himself a quiet game, only throwing for 65 YDs, on 10 Completions.

Luis is currently third in most passing yards in the league.


On to running back/s:

RB Trent Richardson forced his way to success, gaining 83 YDs, on 18 ATTs. Followed up with a TD.

Richardson was the running game, yesterday.


Pass catcher/s:

TE Wes Saxton Jr. had a quiet game, but still led the Iron’s receiving core. He hauled in 3 RECs, for 36 YDs.

RB Marshaun Coprich also had 2 RECs for 24 YDs.


2. Defense:

Iron were all over the field, yesterday.

LB Xzavier Dickson had 0.5 Sacks.

DB Bradley Sylve interrupted and caught a pass for an interception. Along with 2 Solo Tackles.

DB Joe Powell recorded 3 Solo Tackles and 1 INT.

LB Beniquez Brown dragged a QB to the ground for a sack and also executed 3 Solo Tackles.

DB Jack Tocho had his eyes on the ball when he recovered a fumble. He also had 3 Solo Tackles, which seems to be the reoccurring trend with this defense.

DL Jeremy Faulk told the Legends’ QB to sit when he recorded a sack. He also performed 2 Solo Tackles.

DE Jake Payne took control and recorded 1.5 Sacks, along with 1 Solo Tackle.

Now that’s an active defense!


Result: Iron crushes the Legends’ playoff hopes, and dominates with the defensive win. Score: 17 – 9.



On to the Arizona Hotshots versus San Antonio Commanders. A game I didn’t expect.



Credit: Tom Griffith (Ambush Sports Network)

1. Offense:

QB John Wolford had a good day, launching his arm for 216 YDs, off of 17 Completions. And 1 TD.

He had some pretty good passing plays.


Movin’ to running back/s:

RB Tim Cook had himself a day. Cookin’ up 2 TDs (no pun intended), and 30 YDs. Off of only 3 ATTs.

Other Notable RB: Justin Stockton. 34 YDs, 4 ATTs.



WR Rashad Ross had a splendid day, with 78 YDs on 4 RECs. And hauling in a touchdown.

WR Richard Mullaney had a fun time with 5 RECs and 60 YDs.

TE Gerald Christian had an interesting night, going for 46 YDs, on only 2 RECs.


2. Defense:

DE Rykeem Yates had a productive evening, sacking the opposing quarterback twice. And earning himself 3 Solo Tackles.

DB Dexter McDougle waited for the right moment and finally struck. He intercepted one pass.

DE Olubunmi Rotimi was sacking the quarterback one time, while I was attempting to pronounce his name. He also had a solo tackle.

LBs Da’Sean Downey and Obum Gwacham both kindly shared a sack. They both recorded a half sack each (0.5).



AAF Week 8 Sunday
Credit: San Antonio Commanders

1. Offense:

QB Logan Woodside had a regrettable game. Only throwing 4 Completions1 INT, and 32 YDs.

QB Marquise Williams stepped up and threw 17 Completions for 130 YDs.


On to running back/s:

RB David Cobb ran for 59 YDs, on 9 ATTs.

RB Trey Williams kept his cool, and ran for 37 YDs, on 7 ATTs.

QB Marquise Williams scrambled for 36 YDs, on 7 ATTs.


Pass catcher/s:

WR Greg Ward Jr. caught an amount of 5 RECs, for 48 YDs.

TE Evan Rodriguez hauled in 4 Passes for 35 YDs.

RB Kenneth Farrow II caught 2 RECs for 20 YDs.


Notable Special Teams player:

K Nick Rose scored the teams only points, yesterday.

He kicked 2 FG.


2. Defense:

The current league leader in sacks LB Jayrone Elliott recorded a sack and 4 Solo Tackles.

DB Duke Thomas had 3 Solo Tackles, and 1 Assisted Tackle.

Other than that, the defense was real quiet.


Result: Hotshots upset the powerful Commanders and make a statement. Score: 23 – 6. 

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