BREAKING: Vince McMahon to Appear on RAW to “Shake Things Up” Following TLC PPV

Just three days before the infamous TLC PPV goes LIVE on the WWE Network, WWE has announced that it’s Chairman of the Board and CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon will be making an appearance on the Monday Night RAW the night after the event.

Now, if you’re a WWE fan, you know that Vince doesn’t give himself much screen time anymore. When he does, it’s usually either really serious or really silly. In this case, it’s pretty serious. broke the news that Vince will appear on the RAW following TLC to quote “Shake Things Up.” This could mean many things.

The main thing that has been brought to the attention of the WWE Universe is that this could very well have A LOT to do with “General Manager-Elect” Baron Corbin. If you’ve been keeping up with the storyline lately, you know that Corbin has been abusing his power since assuming control of Monday Night RAW when Stephanie McMahon sent General Manager Kurt Angle home on an “indefinite vacation” and appointed Corbin as the acting general manager.

With that being said, this could be to address Corbin directly and talking about his decision making since that time. Seth Rollins opened up the December 10th installment of Monday Night RAW by cutting a promo against Corbin stating that RAW has “sucked’ since he has assumed control and that what Corbin has been doing is “not okay.” He also expressed that his time in an authority role has been an “abject failure” and that TV ratings have been at an all-time low.

That is only one of the very many possibilities that could take place on RAW this week. Rumor has it that Braun Strowman will indeed appear at TLC to compete against Baron Corbin in a TLC match as slated on the match card. Braun Strowman has not physically appeared on RAW since his recent elbow surgery which is leading people to believe that he has been resting up to compete at TLC.

This is this complete opposite of what Corbin has been stating on RAW. Corbin has been consistently saying that he will beat Strowman via a forfeit due to Strowman not appearing. If Corbin wins this match, he assumes control of RAW and becomes the permanent General Manager. However, if he loses that match, that poses the question of “what’s next?” for The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin.

If Corbin were to lose to Strowman at TLC and then face Vince McMahon the following night on RAW, what would happen to Corbin now that he is no longer in a position of authority? Could he be drafted to Smackdown Live? Will Corbin be fired? Could some of his decisions as Acting General Manager be completely reversed? The possibilities are endless!

With all that being said about Corbin, what could Vince’s appearance on RAW and intentions to “Shake Things Up” mean for the rest of the WWE Locker Room? Could we see superstars switch brands? Could we see NXT Call-Ups? One thing is for sure, the Monday Night RAW following the TLC PPV is one that you do not want to miss! Be sure to catch it on USA Network at 8/7 C.

The link to the original announcement made by the WWE is HERE.


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