PFL Playoffs Begin Friday Night

The quarter and semifinals of the PFL playoffs will begin Friday night and will feature the Featherweight and Heavyweight divisions.

Fighters will fight twice tomorrow night, should they win, to determine the finalist. Prelims can be watched on Facebook watch. The main card will be on NBCSN. Here is a list of the quarterfinals matchup ups and alternate fights.

Here are the records ahead of the PFL playoffs

Francimar Barroso 21-7-0
Josh Copeland 17-5-0

Steven Siler 31-17-0
Nazareno Malegarie 35-5-0

Jack May 10-4-0
Alex Nicholson 12-6-0

Kelvin Tiller 10-1-0
Jared Rosholt 16-5-0

Andre Harrison 19-0-0
Alexandre Bezerra 22-5-0

Lance Palmer 14-3-0
Max Coga 20-5-0

Alexandre de Almeida 19-8-0
Tuerxun Jumabieke 20-8-1

Philipe Lins 11-3-0
Caio Alencar 12-3-0

Mo De’Reese 6-0-0
Mike Kyle 23-16-1

Marcos Galvão 18-11-1
Jeremy Kennedy 12-1-0

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