Top WR Prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Draft

In another set of draft profiles, we take a look at the wideouts going into the NFL 2020 draft. This year we have another strong showing of elite talent. In the following paragraphs, I will delve into four top talents that will declare for this upcoming draft. 

Jerry Jeudy Alabama 

 Jerry Jeudy is one of the best wideouts this draft has seen in quite some time. Standing at 6’1 and 192 pounds, Jeudy isn’t the biggest or the most physical, but that hasn’t held him back to date yet. Jeudy has lined up both in the outside and in the slot over his time with the Crimson Tide. An elite player after the catch Jeudy’s money will be made in the open field, making mincemeat out of opposing corners and safeties. 

 With a total of 146 receptions, 2,446 yards, and 25 touchdowns to date, Jeudy has shown that he is an elite talent at the wideout position. The only disparaging thing about Jeudy is his weight and aggressiveness at the line of scrimmage. With the proper coaching and right diet, Jeudy could turn into the best wideout in the NFL.  

Henry Ruggs Alabama 

 Another Alabama wideout Ruggs stands at 6’0 and 190 pounds. This guy has record-breaking speed at the combine I wouldn’t be shocked if he ran a legit 4.2 40 time. For someone so, slight Ruggs is exceptionally aggressive in the air and has elite hand skills at the highest point. I would expect NFL teams to use him as a verticle threat and a red zone threat with his soft hands and tremendous leaping ability. 

 With a total of 23 touchdowns and 17.7 yards per catch average so far, Ruggs, just like his counterpart Jeudy has shown so much talent in only two years of work. Unlike Jeudy, though, Ruggs doesn’t have much of a route tree and hasn’t faced press coverage all that much to date. If Ruggs learns not to lean on his physical talents like his speed and leaping ability all the time, he too will be a main staple in an NFL offense.

CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma 

 This young physical receiver has had the pleasure of playing with two excellent college QBs in Jalen Hurts and Kyler Murray. Lamb has shown exceptional catching ability using his soft hands and physical nature. If you give him routes with 10 yards or less he will make something happen even though he doesn’t have elite speed, he is fast and elusive in the open field. 

 With nearly 3,000 yards and 31 touchdowns over his two years of starting, Lamb has relied upon his football savvy and elite separation ability to get him where he is today. When he makes it to the NFL, he will need to learn a more advanced route tree and might need to gain a few more pounds to compete with the more substantial NFL talent. 

Tee Higgins Clemson

 One of the larger receivers in this draft at 6’4 and 214 pounds Higgins is incredibly athletic for his size and is exceptional at beating press coverage with his quick feet. He has shown an excellent catch radius and sacrifices his body to make the catch. Higgins is a QBs best friend with contested catches and will high point the ball with his great length. 

 With 2,080 yards and 22 touchdowns over his career, Higgins is battle-tested, and if placed at the X on the offense, he will give you the best opportunity to win those 50-50 balls. For his size, he needs to learn a better technique in run blocking and will have to show that he can run a more advanced route tree when drafted.       

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