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It’s the year 2019; we are living in a world of ever-growing technological advances. Society is almost two decades removed from a time when the unknown of technological advances had the majority of us in fear. Times were simpler, any access to cutting edge technology meant using bulky devices that required you to dedicate time and mobility for users.

Fast forward to today, and technological advances are now increasing automation. Older generations may feel we are close to reaching the peak of the robots taking over like some Sci-Fi thriller. While the advances of technology have come a long way, we are not quite ready for the rule of robots. However, I do believe the world is ready for a new interactive football initiative called, Your Call Football.

How Your Call Football Works

Your Call Football is a new interactive football league and immersive application that allow fans to control the game. The league comprises of two teams that are led by coaches, but the catch is the coaches must do what the fans say. The offensive team’s coach will select three plays, and fans will have ten seconds to choose one of the three plays. The play with the majority of the fan vote is the play that is run. Points are awarded to fans based on the success of the play or a fan’s ability to “go against the grain” when the fan majority calls a bad play. There is also another bonus available for picking the same play the coach called and points are only taken away for negative plays.

This may sound complicated to some, but the application is user-friendly. I played my first game last night, among thousands of players, I finished a respectable 148th place. I also won the Ambush Sports Network league. (No room for humility in this article!) However, this application is not for the casual fan. To have success with Your Call Football, knowledge of the game is essential.

A Breath of Fresh Air

In a world where video games and other interactive activities tend to cater to the casual fan, it is a nice change to have something for the hardcore fan. Game modes such as ultimate team and any story/career mode have made the hardcore simulation player feel abandoned. In the past, a lot of people gained knowledge from football video games but catering to the casual gamer requires sacrificing some of the simulation elements that hardcore fans admire. This is where Your Call Football can step in!

Another area where Your Call Football can thrive is with coaching enthusiasts. We all know there is no shortage of “armchair play-callers.” Plenty of people sit in front of the television on Saturday and Sunday and wonder why their favorite team’s play-caller would call a particular play in a certain situation. After all, when there is no one else to blame, blame the play-caller right? In Your Call Football, the fan becomes the play-caller, so blame can only be placed on self. Having to take in factors such as player ability, the ability of the other team, and personnel available, all affect a play-callers playbook. It is among these reasons that I feel Your Call Football will improve fan intelligence.

Goals and Possibilities

The purpose of an interactive application like Your Call Football should be to educate and entertain. I have explained how the application can educate and entertain, but it also has the ability for growth and enhancement. The league is currently two seasons in and has had early success. However, what if the application decides to enhance and grow? What if the app decided to give the option to call offense or defense? What if you could pick the formation and play? Your Call Football has many opportunities for growth and increasing immersion.

Your Call Football is also changing the game of football outside of the interactive function. YCF has partnered with the XFL to be a laboratory of experimentation. The league doesn’t allow a point after touchdown kick, you cannot punt the ball once you cross midfield, and there are no actual punts or kickoffs. If YCF can convince the XFL to adopt the fan play-caller philosophy, the XFL will have an advantage over other leagues such as the AAF, CFL, and even the NFL.

What Your Call Football Offers

Regardless of the fate of the partnership with the XFL, the YCF league is here to stay. The ability to allow fans to go from spectators to play-callers is appealing. The league also has familiar faces from college football past. In a world where technology continues to increase automation, it has done the opposite for football. Your Call Football takes the sport of football from a game of casual observation to a hands-on approach for fans. Your Call Football is the future, and the future is now!

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