NCAA Reacts to COVID-19



Wednesday, the NCAA set some strict and stern barriers to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Including the canceling of some seasons.

March Madness

The infamous college basketball tournaments for both men and women will be played without any fans in attendance. Only limited family and essential staff will be permitted aside from the players. This was a shock to many people due to the mass amount of revenue and just casual basketball fans that watch these games. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out

NCAA Division III

The NCAA Division III has canceled all sports due to the virus, this is very upsetting, although you have to assume it’s for the best. These players have worked their hearts out to get in shape and ready for the season. The players have to be upset, especially outdoor sports like softball, and baseball because it’s very understandable for indoor sports to be held without any fans like March Madness.

Ivy League

The Ivy League has also canceled all sports due to the COVID-19 virus. Ivy League sports are Divison I, players on twitter we’re all very irked about this decision. Including Seth Urbon of the Cornell Big Red baseball team, he just rehabbed nine months for literally nothing. That would be a major letdown for anyone, especially someone with an injury waiting and grinding, looking forward to his next season.

The Effect

It seems like the NCAA is treating this COVID-19 very proactively. This will indubitably hurt the entire association in revenue and maybe even fans. Fans who are die-hard March Madness fans or fans of small schools who look forward to this all year but just get let down after having it stripped away from them. Will this hurt the NCAA player’s eligibility? That is another question floating around Twitter. Well, all in all, your health is the most important.

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