Wrestling Recap: NWA The Circle Squared (Episode 001: February 18, 2020)




(Ambush Sports) — Wrestling fans of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) were treated to something different Tuesday night as they deferred from their usual broadcast of NWA Powerrr to a show they’ve been promoting since the owner and commissioner Billy Corgan first announced it in November 2019.

NWA The Circle Squared is run differently compared to Powerrr and rightfully so: in this debut broadcast, Corgan explains the concept of the series, which allows an opportunity to talent from independent promotions to potentially get a contract with NWA.

Host Sean Mooney starts off by explaining the specifics of The Circle Squared:

  • Social media commentary DOES make an impact as to who moves on. NWA encourages you to watch the show and record your reactions on video. Your reactions could make it on a future broadcast or in a reaction compilation on NWA’s YouTube channel. YouTube watch-alongs/reactions should be entitled “The Circle Squared Reaction” to be added to their playlist.
  • Commentary IS NOT limited to those attending the tapings in Atlanta. Everyone who watches the show has a voice.
  • You can vote via a poll on NWA’s Twitter feed and on their website to determine who moves on.

The broadcast proceeds with the introduction of what appears to be tag-team action, as PJ and Luke Hawx (Hawx Aerie, a father-and-son team) from WildKat Sports Entertainment based out of New Orleans. Why not try to go for that NWA contract when you’ve got a viral video with over eight million views on Twitter and has been featured on Barstool Sports and ESPN SportsCenter.

The team was allowed to cut a promo. PJ needs some work in the promo department, but Luke more than makes up for it.

The broadcast cuts to some reactions, which makes one wonder how quickly they’re putting this together in such a short timeframe from their entry to the end of their promo.

What was thought to be their challengers actually emerged NWA Legend Nikita Koloff, who hinted that he was coaching a team, a team he dubbed “the best-kept secret in professional wrestling.”

Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean entered the NWA arena and cut their own promo, which was overpowered by Neal with no remarks from Dean.

Back to another reaction segment before the match.

Sneak preview for NWA Powerrr as Thunder Rosa will be facing off against Melina for the NWA Women’s Championship. Broadcast time for next week’s show is 6:05 p.m. Eastern time.

NWA merch commercial with a mention of Tampa WrestleCon, where it was announced Ricky Starks and Stu Bennett will be present, while NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis will defend the title against an opponent of his choosing on April 2 prior to the event.

The broadcast returns with interview segments of the wrestlers before in-ring action starts.

The bell had not even rung yet, and the Hawx tag team was attacked by Neal and Dean to start things off.

Neal and Dean dominated early in the match, but some excellent offensive moves by PJ turned the tides leading toward a clean tag with Luke, who just immediately started dominating Neal and Dean.

The addition of PJ resulted in an unspecified tag team finisher on Dean, resulting in Luke Hawx getting the pinfall.

Reaction segment of the match.

At the end of the broadcast, Mooney announced that the 2020 Crockett Cup will be held April 19 from the Gateway Center Arena at College Park in Atlanta. Tickets go on sale February 28, with a presale for subscribers of the NWA email newsletter list one day prior.

A press conference featuring Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll will take place at 1 p.m. next Wednesday, February 26, at the Gateway Center, where only members of the press and those given press credentials will be allowed to enter. Media requests can be made to them via email.

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