Wrestling Recap: AEW Dynamite (Episode 020: February 19, 2020)

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Matt Jackson emerged victorious during Wednesday night's Dynamite opener, a tag team battle royale for the AEW Tag Team Championship. (All Elite Wrestling/Facebook)


ATLANTA (Ambush Sports) — Wednesday’s broadcast of AEW Dynamite marked the 20th broadcast in its television existence and the first time in the home territory of Cody Rhodes, live from the State Farm Arena in HOT-Lanta.

The broadcast kicked off with a tag team battle royale to determine the number one contenders for the AEW Tag Team Championship. However, this was no ordinary battle royale – for a tag team to be effectively eliminated, both members of the tag team have to be over the top rope for the elimination.

Participating in the match were SoCal Uncensored (SCU), Private Party, Alex Reynolds & John Silver, Santana & Ortiz, Jack Evans & Angelico, Best Friends, The Butcher & The Blade, #StrongHearts, Jurassic Express and The Young Bucks.

Jack Evans became the first wrestler tossed out of the ring. Private Party hit the Silly Strong on T-Hawk of #StrongHearts and threw him out.

SCU was distracted by the spokesperson for the Dark Order faction, and the loss of focus allowed for the Dark Order’s Reynolds & Silver to make the elimination. After the elimination, the spokesperson warned SCU that the Exalted One is coming and take not that Christopher Daniels wasn’t there.

(Apparently, Raven was spotted in the crowd. Not sure what his role was.)

It did not take long until The Young Bucks superkicked Reynolds and Silver out of the ring.

Luchasaurus connected a pump kick, eliminating CIMA to fully eliminate #StrongHearts, followed by eliminations by The Butcher (eliminated Nick Jackson) and Proud and Powerful/Santana & Ortiz (eliminated both members of Private Party).

Luchasaurus was able to eliminate Angelico to fully eliminate TH2.

Did not spot who did the elimination of Jurassic Express, but Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy were out of the match.

Trent was nearly eliminated until saved by Orange Cassidy. Chuck Taylor and The Blade were eliminated.

Final five came down to Matt Jackson, Trent, The Butcher, Santana, and Ortiz. Matt Jackson and Trent popped the crowd with the Best Friends hug spot. The Butcher wasn’t a fan of that and eliminated Trent, only to be hit with a spear from Matt Jackson for the elimination.

Triple-threat remains between Matt Jackson, Santana, and Ortiz. An attempt at a double Northern Lights suplex by Matt Jackson was cut off. Santana and Ortiz connect the Street Sweeper. Matt hits a superkick on Santana for an elimination, connected another to an interfering Sammy Guevara (BIG OOF!), and a final blow to Ortiz to secure the final elimination.

The Young Bucks will face Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page for the tag titles.

Britt Baker’s ongoing role as a heel continues as she joins commentary, continuing to taunt commentator Tony Schiavone, this time by bringing him a skinny latte.

Onward to women’s action as Kris Statlander faces off against Shanna.

It started off with a slow build, trading holds, and still worked holds during a commercial break. 6 minutes without a single bump.

The pace started to pick up following the break, as Statlander landed a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall.

Shanna hit a top rope rana and a DDT, but only secure a two-count. She also hit a low dropkick for another near-fall.

The match finish just came out of thin air: Shanna attempted a tornado DDT but was countered as Statlander caught her and nailed her Big Bang Theory for the pinfall.

A video played, showing highlights from last week’s Dynamite as Nyla Rose won the AEW Women’s Championship. A promo was slated next.

Schiavone engaged the interview with Nyla Rose, who heeled at the crowd, called herself the “queen bee in this hive.” She also continued to state that no one on the women’s roster can stack up to her, and she’ll be a one-time champ because she’s never losing the belt.

It didn’t take long for Statlander to come back out, this time with Big Swole. Statlander points at the title as Swole got in the face of Rose, leading to a pull-apart while Statlander just stood there.

While both have some considerable potential to go far in AEW, the entire ranking system is absurd at best, with Statlander ranked second and Swole unranked.

A video promo recapped the introduction of Jeff Cobb from last week’s show, hyping up the match between Cobb and Jon Moxley, which is up next.

Taz joins the commentary table for this match, while AEW World Champion Chris Jericho and Inner Circle stable members Guevara and Jake Hager entered and sat at ringside, showing they had tickets for the event.

Cobb with some early offense, connecting an overhead throw and a dropkick. Both would exchange strikes on the floor until Cobb slammed Moxley’s face into the ring steps.

Moxley managed to roll back inside the ring, successfully connecting a dive.

All Elite Wrestling/Facebook

Cobb connects a series of clubbing forearm shots.

Cobb sent Moxley over the barricade during the commercial break, while Jericho stomped him and connected a hit with the title belt.

Moxley attacked Cobb’s left leg after the commercial break, where Cobb responded with a Tour of the Islands, attempting at a pinfall, but got up before the three-count.

Moxley attempted a dive off the post to the floor but was countered, caught by Cobb, and nailed an overhead BTB suplex on the floor.

Cobb attempted another Tour of the Islands, blocked by Moxley. Moxley attempted a Paradigm Shift, blocked by Cobb.

Cobb hit a superplex, but Moxley trapped Cobb’s leg on landing, countering into a cradle for the pinfall.

Jericho, Hager, Guevara, and Cobb started stomping Moxley after the bell until Dustin Rhodes attempted to make a save. Unfortunately, he fell victim to the numbers game.

State Farm Arena went dark until Darby Allin appeared on stage to a huge pop and reaction from the crowd, coming to the ring via his skateboard. Allin then went wild, using the board as a weapon.

Jericho and Moxley were the last two standing in the ring, and both traded strikes before Jericho cowered, bailed, and ran away.

Great way to continue hyping the title match at AEW Revolution.

Yet ANOTHER week of tag team title defenses as Omega and Page attempt to retain against Lucha Bros.

Omega and Page established an early advantage, with Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix making a comeback prior to commercial break.

Omega and Page appeared to have regained the advantage until Fenix nailed a tornillo to Page, and Penta connected a destroyer to Omega.

There was an incredible sequence of exchanges between both tag teams.

More offense from Page and Omega until Page attempted a Buckshot Lariat on Penta, Penta moved, and it connected on Omega

Tides turned back toward Lucha Bros: another tornillo from Fenix, another Penta Driver, this time for a near-fall.

Omega was left to face both Lucha Bros while Page was on the floor. Nailed a V-Trigger on Fenix.

The end was near when Page recovered, and both connected the V-Trigger/Buckshot Lariat combo, with Page covering Fenix for the pinfall.

The Young Bucks came down to help Omega up, while Page continues his gimmick of leaving and drinking beer with the fans.

A video package highlighting the upcoming action figure line produced by Wicked Cool Toys.

The 30-minute rubber match between Omega and PAC, as well as Best Friends v. The Butcher and The Blade were announced for next week in Kansas City.

A video package recaps the entire feud between Cody and MJF as the main event neared.

The main event was the steel cage match between Cody and Wardlow, with rules or pinfall or submission only, no cage escapes.

A bunch of connections and no-sells as they enter the final commercial break.

Cody makes a comeback after the commercial break, hitting the Cody Cutter and ten punches in the corner. Low blow from Wardlow than something that looks oddly similar to Brock Lesnar’s F-5. Cody was tossed into the cage door, which swung open.

Arn Anderson approached the cage door, while MJF tried to get him to slam the door on Cody as he did to his father, the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes many, many years ago. No deal – Arn slams the door on MJF’s face. Absolutely epic.

Cody with a power slam. MJF interferes, hits a senton for a near-fall. MJF tossed Wardlow the Dynamite diamond ring to hit Cody with. Not happening – Cody hits a low blow and connects Wardlow with the ring.

MJF tries to climb the cage on the outside when another popping moment occurs: Brandi Rhodes nails him really hard with a chair, then Arn throws MJF over the barricade.

Meanwhile, inside the cage, Cody nails a Cross Rhodes for a near-fall climbs the cage, hits a moonsault and covers for the three-count.

MJF retreats to the aisle while Cody climbs the cage and taunts back, then waving to the crowd.

With all the conditions met, this should make for a great match at Revolution in Chicago.

Odd setup for the cage, as it wasn’t properly secured, meaning it shouldn’t have been meant for climbing.

After the broadcast ended, Cody speaks to the crowd.

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