Opinion: How I Would Save SmackDown on Fox


Disclaimer: This is only my opinion. 

Today I going be talking about how I would save SmackDown on Fox.

First, let’s talk about the weaknesses of SmackDown.


No or lack of Continuity: what I mean is I don’t see anything that leads to a storyline later

Commentary:  The commentary team needs to have a lot more freedom. The viewers don’t need to hear Michael Cole screaming constantly.

Lack of superstar talent. Allow me to explain it. What I mean by this is there are probably three guys who are superstar level.

Too much Baron Corbin: Anybody who watches Smackdown on a weekly basis, you guys must have to agree with me on this one. He wastes too much time.

Superstars I would bring over to SmackDown.

1. Velveteen Dream

2. Alister Black

3. Kevin Owens

4. Angel Garza

5. Lio Rush

How I would fix the problem.

1. Give the viewers better storylines

2. Get Better Superstars, For example, the five I just named.

3. Get rid of Michael Cole and replace him with Vic Joseph or maybe Tom Phillips.

4. Every match I book I would make sure there’s a reason

5. Give Baron Corbin Less TV Time


Thank you for reading my first article. If there’s anything you think I missed, let me know. I’m very excited to release my first article for the Ambush Sports Network.


1 thought on “Opinion: How I Would Save SmackDown on Fox

  1. (Shared from my Facebook response)
    I think they really need to figure out how they intend to get the 4.5 million viewership that they were supposed to deliver when they signed the deal with FOX.
    No better opportunity to make those strides while Vince McMahon is distracted with the XFL.

    Whatever they attempt to do will either pay huge dividends and satisfy FOX’s demands, or fail catastrophically and either audience numbers go unchanged or fall even more.

    The 2.482 million they got last night was less that last week’s Smackdown viewership of 2.547 million, and that was leading up to the debut of the revived XFL. (Three of the four XFL games rated higher than Smackdown.)

    Hell, if the XFL broke down ratings among the key 18-49 demo, they would’ve rated somewhat higher that the 0.6-0.7 rating that Smackdown’s been getting lately. (After all, there’s shows that have the same viewership but rate higher.)

    They’ve also not had an audience even remotely close to what they got in their return to network television on October 4, which was 3.869 million.

    The closest they’ve ever been was the following broadcast on October 11 during the WWE Draft.

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