BattleHawks Rise To The Fight Against Renegades

Battlehawks renegades


The STL. BattleHawks rise in their first game against Dallas Renegades playing at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. BattleHawks get the upset facing off against the Renegades who’s starting quarterback, Landry Jones, was unavailable with a knee injury, and Phillip Nelson will be filling in. BattleHawks quarterback, Jordan Ta’amu shined along with many others, and the BattleHawks take a 1-0 record and $100,000 back to St. Louis.

1st Quarter

BattleHawks kick the ball into the end zone on the kickoff to make it a touchback. Phillip Nelson completes a few 10-yard passes and inch closer to the end zone. But BattleHawks defensive lineman, Dewayne Hendrix, sacks Nelson on 3rd down and forces Dallas to punt.

Renegades were able to down the punt inside the 5, making the drive tricky for St. Louis. Halfback, Matt Jones, gets a few positive yards and got the BattleHawks out of their end zone on a 5-yard run. Matt Jones follows that up by catching a pitch out to the left and brings the ball to the 20. Jordan Ta’amu connects on a slant to wide receiver Brandon Reilly for an 18-yard gain, but the BattleHawks won’t follow that up with anything except a punt to wrap up their first drive.

Renegades would go three and out and punt it right back. BattleHawks would start to drive, but 1st-round pick, Christine Michael, slips to the ground, get backs up, and fumbles at Dallas 36-yard line. An unfortunate way to end the 1st quarter for the BattleHawks.

2nd Quarter

Michael’s fumble resulted in Renegades scoring the first points of the night. Austin MacGinnis makes a 32-yard field goal to make it 0-3 Dallas, with 9:41 on the clock at the end of a 13 play 50-yard drive.

The BattleHawks poison all night was themselves. Penalty’s like false starts, illegal formations, and personal fouls plagued them throughout the game. This was why the BattleHawks were held back following the 3 points put on the board by Dallas. After a failed attempt to gain a first down on 3rd and 25, former Oakland Raider, Marquette King punts the ball.

But after a failed attempt to get a drive going, Dallas punts right back. An extremely low scoring game. But the first touchdown of the game is scored with 1:20 left in the 2nd quarter when halfback Keith Ford breaks off a few tackles and brings it in the end zone for a 16-yard touchdown run. Renegades elect for go for two, which set you back at the 5-yard line and is not able to convert, so the score stats 6-3 in St. Louis favor and 1:20 left in the half.

But that was more than enough time for the Renegades to get downfield and kick a 42-yard field goal to make it 6-6 at the half.

3rd Quarter

BattleHawks received the ball to start the second half, but penalties handicapped St. Louis offense. Dallas than brings it downfield for yet another field goal and makes it from 23-yards out. 6-9 Dallas with 5:52 left in the 3rd quarter.

BattleHawks need a spark to have a chance, but after getting pinned back at their own 2, it’s hard to be hopeful, but they still get it done.

4th Quarter

The 4th quarter starts strong when BattleHawks QB, Jordan Ta’amu, breaks off a 35-yard scramble and ends up getting to Dallas 9-yard line. This ends up in a 9-yard dime to Alonzo Russell over the middle for a BattleHawks touchdown. The BattleHawks seemed to be in full control after that.

BattleHawks control the ball for a good percentage of the 4th quarter, and with 0:33 left in the game, they punt it to the Renegades down six and needing a few plays to go their way if they want a chance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Phillip Nelson’s night when he throws an interception to defensive captain Will Hill III to end the game.

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