Prospect Interview: Israel Farfan, Kicker, NM Highlands


Israel Farfan is a kicker out of New Mexico Highlands, his college career started out in the FCS with Sacramento State, but he didn’t get any playing time. At the end of the day that led to not being a bad thing. He then attended Butte JC in Chico, CA, in his sophomore year with Butte he went on to be 32 of 34 on XPs and 2 of 4 on field goals.

New Mexico Highlands

Credit: NM Highlands
Credit: NM Highlands Athletics

After his time in Butte was up, he transferred to New Mexico Highlands, a Divison II program. As a junior in 2018, he led the RMAC with a 53-yard field goal and being named the RMAC Special Teams Player of the Year. He finished up being the leader of the RMAC with an 85.7 % field goal percentage (12 of 14) as well as 38 of 39 on XPs.

Why Take Notice

Israel Farfan
Credit: Israel Farfan Hudl


The 5”8 230 pound kicker is an absolute monster at what he does. He always stays cool under pressure and stays locked and loaded and ready to perform under pressure. The NFL is starting to become very kicker needy. A few kickers are starting to lose their thunder or just young guys not being able to find themselves. Farfan could be a great kicker to look into, and his stats don’t lie.

Facts with Farfan

Credit: @RMAC_Sports on Twitter

I had the opportunity to talk with Israel Farfan and ask him a few questions pertaining to his college football career as well as his football future! Here is what he had to say:

Q: What is your favorite memory of your college career?

A: Individually, I would say being named RMAC special teams player of the year last year was pretty special. I felt like all the work I put in was being recognized. I didn’t expect it whatsoever, so it was one of the best surprises I’ve had. As a team, I enjoyed winning the conference my last year at Butte College. It was a fun year with amazing teammates.

Q: What’s your pregame routine like?

A: I like to listen to some music that will relax me and kind of just relax until an hour before team warm-ups where I stretch, play a little catch, and starting kicking the ball. I go through team warm-ups, but I like to sing out there a lot of the kicking game is mental, so I like to keep my kind fresh while also being in the zone

Q: What are some songs from your pregame playlist?

A: Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, dreams and nightmares by Meek Mill, and First Day Out by Tee Grizzley. Those are the three songs I always have to listen to before games

Q: What’s the hardest stadium or field you’ve kicked at?

A: Western State Colorados field was pretty hard to kick on just because it was really wet and I had to compensate a little bit so I wouldn’t slip

Q: Which NFL kicker would you say your skills match most?

A: I would say Janikowski even though he’s not in the league anymore because we’re both big-bodied kickers that try to smash the football

Parting Shots

I want to thank Israel for taking the time to answer my Q&A! You can follow him on Twitter @farfan_47. Be ready to see him do great on the next level!


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