Tampa Bay Vipers QB and Coach

tampa Bay Vipers


    The Tampa Bay Vipers, the Florida team of the new (and old) league, the XFL look to impress in their inaugural season. The XFL is set to launch in February 2020 into its inaugural season. The Vipers drafted their team, led by former Georgia Bulldogs quarterback, Aaron Murray. 

Aaron Murray

    Aaron Murray played for the Georgia Bulldogs throughout 52 games through 4 years from 2010-2013. He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014 but never got a snap in the NFL. Then in 2019, played for the Atlanta Legends of the AAF. When the Alliance of American Football stopped operations. It was heartbreak, and players like Murray didn’t know if they’d get another chance. He got drafted by the Vipers and is ready to start a new season after a three-touchdown, seven interception performance with the Legends. 

Marc Trestman

The Vipers picked their coach to be former NFL and CFL coach, Marc Trestman. Marc coached the Montreal Alouettes from 2008-2012, earning himself a 68-40 (.630%) overall win record. In 2008, he led his team, which ended 11-7. But first in the East division, to a Grey Cup performance, but it ended poorly with a 22-14 loss to the Calgary Stampeders. In 2009, Trestman earned his team a 15-3 record, winning the east division, and a win in the Grey Cup on a field goal 28-27 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In 2010, his third season, the Alouettes went 12-6 and won the Grey Cup, on their third appearance, yet again, against the Roughriders by a score of 21-18. When the 2011 season started, they went 10-8. With no Grey Cup appearance for the first time since he started coaching the Alouettes. His last season in the CFL, 2012, they went 11-7, winning the east. It was not enough to succeed in the East finals, and the Toronto Argonauts went to the Grey Cup instead.

Overall the Tampa Bay Vipers could win the inaugural bowl game, or they couldn’t win a game. Either way, the league should be entertaining to watch. It will (unlike the AAF sadly) hopefully survive for a few seasons or longer. 


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