The Spark Beat The Storm 92-69

The Storm fell to the Spark 69 to 92.

On Sunday night the Seattle Storm traveled to Los Angeles to face the Los Angeles Sparks. The Storm fell to the Spark 69 to 92. This game eliminated the Storm from the playoffs and advancing the Spark to the next round.

The Seattle Storm had a strong first quarter, however, they struggled to keep that momentum for the rest of the game. The Storm’s leading ladies are the following; Natasha Howard, Jordin Canada, and Mercedes Russell. Natasha Howard was the leading scorer for the Storm. Howard played for 31 minutes Within those 31 minutes, she scored 20 points, had 11 rebounds and two assists. Jordin Canada played for 33 minutes and led her team in assists. Within those 33 minutes, she had four rebounds, seven assists and scored 10 points. Mercedes Russell played a total of 32 minutes and led her team in rebounds. Within those 32 minutes, Russell scored 10 points, had eight rebounds and two assists.

The Los Angeles Sparks dominated the last three-quarters of the game.  The following four ladies dominated the quart during Sunday’s game; Chelsea Gray, Candace Parker, Nneka Ogwumike, and Riquna Williams. Chelsea Gray was the led scorer in Sunday’s game. Gray played for 32 minutes. Within those 32 minutes, Gray scored 21 points, had three rebounds and eights assists. Candace Parker led her team in rebounds. Parker plated for 26 minutes. Within those 26 minutes, she scored 11 points, had six assist and 10 rebounds. Nneka Ogwumike played for 28 minutes. Within those 28 minutes, she had six rebounds, zero assists, and 17 points. Riquna Williams was productive just like the rest of her teammates. Williams played for 22 minutes. Within those 22 minutes, she had four rebounds, zero assists, and 11 points. The Sparks are back in action tonight. They will be playing the Connecticut Sun.

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