Antonio Brown’s Time with the Raiders

Antonio Brown

Photo: Rick Scuteri, Associated Press


It has been a long and drama-filled summer for Raider Nation ending with the release of superstar wide receiver, Antonio Brown. Whether you’re happy with this move, or not, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed that things didn’t work out with AB in Oakland. But the Raiders are moving past this up and down summer. Let’s recap Brown’s time in Oakland.

AB’s Arrival

Antonio Brown landed in Oakland in March after a relatively loud exit from Pittsburgh. This was supposedly the perfect trade for everyone in Oakland. They get a generational type talent for struggling QB, Derek Carr, who already had chemistry with Brown before he even got in Oakland. The Raiders only traded their 3rd and 5th Round Pick in the 2019 Draft, and AB looked ready to play in his introductory press conference. What could go wrong?

An Ugly Frostbite Accident

In late July/early August, Antonio sees a foot specialist after cryotherapy accident where he wasn’t wearing the right footwear. He got a severe and rather horrifying frostbite case. This caused him to miss even more practice from over the summer and set him back in the spotlight.


Antonio Brown keeps finding ways to create ridiculous drama, and his helmet situation was no exception. AB filed a grievance with the NFL after the helmet he’s been wearing was not re-certified by the NFL. Brown held out of training camp, and it was reported that he would not play football if he were not allowed to wear his old helmet. At a point, he even threatened to retire due to the whole issue. Early in September, he eventually settled on a new helmet

A Sour Ending

Later in August, after Antonio Brown failed to come to practice one too many times, Raiders GM, Mike Mayock, said: “So from our perspective, it’s time for him to be all in or all out.” Early September, AB posted a picture of his fines on Instagram for his missed practice which totaled around $54,000. Brown, who was heated about the fines, approached Mayock and reportedly used a racial slur and profane language while unloading on the Raiders GM. AB denied these allegations. Ironically, Raiders Linebacker, Vontaze Burfict, was the one to try to calm down AB. Brown returned to practice later in the week. Head Coach, Jon Gruden, addressed the media and said he was happy to see Brown back after yet another missed practice the day before. Then on AB’s final day as a Raider, he asked the Raiders to release him in an Instagram post after the team fined him $215,073.53 for the incident with Mayock and voided the $29.125 Million worth of guaranteed money. Raiders fulfilled Browns wishes by releasing him shortly after.


Brown signed with the New England Patriots just hours later.

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