Danger For Quarterback Andy Dalton?

quarterback andy dalton


Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Andy Dalton may have his job in jeopardy this season, especially as the season progresses. This past April during the NFL Draft, in the fourth round, the Bengals selected rookie quarterback, Ryan Finley. He played at North Carolina State and seems like he has a rather high ceiling.

Dabbling with Dalton

Dalton was never a bad quarterback; I always had him slated as one of the most underrated. Even statistically he never thrown under 20 touchdown passes since 2016 and that was due to injuries. The Bengals offensive line is what hurts his worthiness of being a top 10 quarterback. The whole team is pretty much in a rebuild but especially the offensive line. They give their quarterbacks no time to scan the field.

New Head Coach

With a new head coach, Zac Taylor, this may be an excellent new beginning for Dalton, plus knowing he has completion directly behind him. Under Marvin Lewis, the team in general never really ever shined. Taylor, a former quarterback, should help with better play calls and all-around better attack.

Fantastic Finley?

Ryan Finley, a three-year starter for the North Carolina State Wolfpack after transferring from Boise State, started 39 games straight for the former Wolfpack quarterback. That shows he has a lot of endurance and perseverance as well. Finley also indicates he has excellent football knowledge and demonstrates excellent leadership traits so far. Even in his early showings as a Bengal, I have seen him talk to the guy who made a mistake in the huddle. Which shows he wants to help them not make the same mistake, instead of screaming at them.

 The danger for Dalton?

This year should be a make it or break it year for quarterback Andy Dalton with Ryan Finley breathing down his neck. I would not be shocked if the Bengals tried to trade Dalton to the Colts or a team that’s a bit quarterback-needy. Dalton is a guy that I would trust to lead my football club. Is this immediate danger for Dalton? Not quite yet, but his job could be in jeopardy by midseason.

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