Ranking XFL’s Team Names and Logos

Credit: XFL Twitter

The XFL came out with their logos and team names today (August 21st, 2019). There are eight teams in the XFL with all 8 having good logos and names. Here are the rankings for the names and logos:


1. St. Louis Battlehawks

Grade: (Logo A+, Name A+)

With the most recent professional St. Louis team being the NFL’s Rams, they are happy to have a team back. St. Louis fans have wanted a St. Louis team ever since the Rams announcement about moving to LA. With now having a team with a cool logo and name, they should be fulfilled to watch some good old fashioned football.


2. New York Guardians

Grades: (Logo A+, Name A)

The Guardians have a cool looking logo and a cool name. The placement of the team in NY is not the smartest as the Giants, and the Jets are in that city, but they can do big things if they become the talk of the town, or city rather.

3. Dallas Renegades

 Grades: (Logo A, Name A)

The Dallas Renegades. Dallas has a huge fan base for football as you can see with the Dallas Cowboys. The Renegades are going to have a good fan base, and this will cause them to push and most likely be a successful team.

4. Tampa Bay Vipers

Grades: (Logo B-, Name A-)

The Tampa Bay area has many teams already including but not limited to the Buccaneers and the Rays. Adding the Vipers will help the city, and with many sports teams, there is a big sports fans population. This will benefit the Vipers, plus they have a cool name and logo.

5. Houston Roughnecks

XFL Houston

Grades: (Logo C, Name C-)

The Roughnecks are put in a good area in Houston. Houston is a football-loving city and will like the arrival of the Roughnecks. Their name makes sense to the area, and the logo looks decent. The Houston fans will love the roughnecks.

6. Seattle Dragons

XFL Seattle

Grades: (Logo: C+, Name: D+)

The Seattle Dragons sound like a cool team when you say it out loud, but the Dragons don’t make that much sense for a Seattle team. The Seattle area has the seahawks and has room for the Dragons, but the name just doesn’t fit.

7. Washington D.C. Defenders


Grades: (Logo: D-, Name C)

The DC area needs a team like the Defenders, but they could have come up with a better logo to show themselves off. The Defenders sort of fits with D.C. but the logo is a no-go.

8. Los Angeles Wildcats


Grades: (Logo: F, Name: C+)

LA would love to have the wildcats in their area. The Wildcats are such a good name with so many possibilities for a good logo. The Wildcats didn’t show out with those possibilities and made the worst logo in the XFL. 


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