Orlando City Playoff Push

Orlando City Playoff


Orlando City has continued their season with up and down results as the all-star game begins to close in for the season and the playoff spots become more defined. As it currently stands Orlando City are 7 points out of a playoff spot. While some matches they seem to show flashes of brilliance and good attacking play the defense still allows too many goals. That will continue to haunt Orlando as they look to get into the MLS playoffs for the first time.

The league fixtures for Orlando City shows mixed results for the club. The team was able to get wins and some ties against very tough teams who are ahead of Orlando City in the standings. The losses against others did stop some of the forward momenta of the organization. Orlando City has however managed to push further into the US Open Cup. The furthest that Orlando City has made it into this competition was the quarterfinals, but they recently played host to Atlanta United for the semifinals of the US Open Cup. While they did not end up with a win, this cup campaign was a solid effort from the team and showed a tenacity that will hopefully be translated into the MLS campaign. 

As the season begins to wrap up and the playoff spots begin to fill, Orlando City’s manager and players know what they have to do, win games. If only winning were as easy for the team as it is for this sports writer to write about. The season has already seen the team progress farther in their cup run than they have ever done previously. So, will this be the season that Orlando City manages to push into the playoffs?

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