Rookie Quarterbacks Preseason Debut

rookie quarterbacks

The NFL preseason was in full swing on Thursday night. All three of the NFL first-round draft pick rookie quarterbacks were in action. Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals, Daniel Jones of the New York Giants, and Dwayne Haskins of the Washing Redskins all played on Thursday night.


Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals

Murray first drive started from his two-yard line. You would expect a rookie quarterback to be rattled in that situation. But Murray was not. Kyler completed 6 out of 7 passes; the one incompletion was because the receiver came down out of bounds.  Murray threw for 44 yards on the night.

Kyler Murray threw the ball with accuracy, showed good pocket presence, and got the ball out quickly. The first-round draft pick did not throw the ball down the field at all but used the sidelines very well. Murray can throw deep look for him to take some shots down the field next game.


Daniel Jones  New York Giants

Daniel Jones had a  short drive but one to remember. Jones led the New York Giants on an eight-play scoring drive to start the game. Jones was 5-5 for 67 yards and one touchdown. His touchdown pass was beautiful back-corner throw to Bennie Fowler. Daniel looked sharped on his thrown and was patient in the picker, also with his reads. What happened Thursday night is something Jones can build on in the future.

Dwayne Haskins  Washington Redskins


Dwayne Haskins was 8 for 14, 117 passing yards, but threw two interceptions. Haskins made some outstanding throws in the game, showing off his strong arm. He also rushed two times for 17 yards, something he did not do at Ohio State. Haskins scambling more will be crucial for him to get away from the pass rush and make plays down the field. Dwayne was sometimes inaccurate with is throws which led to one of his interceptions and incompletions. It was an up and down performance for Haskins; he will need to learn how to handle the blitz better and break the huddle faster.

All three rookie quarterbacks showed some promise, but they’re still is more work to be done.


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