2019 the Summer of Returns


Credit: morningstaronline.co.uk


It has been a summer of returns for clubs as the transfer market, and manager market has seen some exciting returns for clubs like Chelsea who have seen Frank Lampard return to take over for departing manager Maurizio Sarri. Frank Lampard will be affected by Sarri leaving the club after only one season in charge that saw Chelsea claim the Europa League title. But he will have to endure a tough time bringing in players due to a FIFA imposed transfer ban and with Frank Lampard only having managed championship team Derby County and having no managerial experience in the top flight of English football it is hard to understand letting Maurizio Sarri return to Italy. In regards to returning to Italy, we also see Gianluigi Buffon return to Italy and former club Juventus after a one year spell at Paris Saint Germain FC.

While Buffon returns to his former club, he will be serving as a backup to Wojciech Szczesny who sealed his spot in the goal after his performances taking over from Gianluigi Buffon. The return will be an interesting one as Buffon is eight appearances away from having the most appearances in Serie A. Another interesting development in this summer market will be the potential for a return to Barcelona for Neymar. The Brazilian player has made himself an extremely unpopular figure at Paris Saint Germain who brought him in with great pomp and ceremony only to watch the player fizzle out as he was unable to materialize the hopes of the club and its fans.

The question for this is how Neymar, who has not shown the greatness that people would have hoped to see, materialize those hopes in Barcelona the second time? It will depend on if he is able to make it back to Barcelona and if the Brazilian is able to stay on his feet and not flop around on the field as he has done his entire career.

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