What Does Hurricane Barry Mean to the Saints?

Hurricane Barry Saints


Hurricane Barry is currently rampaging through Louisiana and is a Category 1 storm. It is, luckily, not directly hitting New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina did in 2005 and ruining New Orleans. Katrina devastated the area and the Saints season in 2005. 

What happened during Katrina?

In 2005 starting August 23rd Hurricane Katrina, a category five storm, demolished everything in its path, including New Orleans. Many people either got out of town or, hid away from this storm in the dome. The Dome was unfortunately unusable during the 2005-2006 NFL season for the Saints. They ended their season with a 3-13 record as they played no true home games in the Dome. New Orleans Saints players were traveling all season as they played games in the Alamodome, Tiger Stadium (popularly known as Death Valley on LSU campus), and Giants Stadium before it shut down in 2010. This ruined them that year and start to grow and win the super bowl in 2009.

What’s happening there now?

Since the storm is not directly hitting New Orleans the main side effect of this storm is residents having to leave their New Orleans homes and apartments and a lot of heavy rainfall for an extended period of time. This can lead to flooding in areas such as New Orleans and neighboring towns and cities. The ESPYS just happened, and so this gave time for some Saints players to get out of New Orleans and find elsewhere to be. Drew Brees won best Record-Breaking performance for his record-breaking performance vs. the Redskins where he broke the all-time passing yards record on a 62 yard TD pass to Trequan Smith. 

What does this mean for the Saints?

Well, when Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, they ended up 3-13. The Superdome most likely will not be shut down this season, so this is incredible news for Saints fans as it means they get those home-field advantage games. 

Is it safer now than pre-Katrina?

Absolutely. You can not compare pre-Katrina to post-Katrina. New Orleans is ready to take rain and wind but was not ready for Katrina so it should be better than it was before. New Orleans has a much more robust hurricane defense than they did in 2005 it looks like they are so much more equipped to take a blow from a storm such as a hurricane now. The Saints stadium took a beating but stood during Katrina so post-Katrina with the hurricane defense the Saints should have a home to dominate the NFL yet again this season.

Will the Saints do worse because of this?

It could go either way depending on the damage and if Drew Brees can maintain his accuracy and throwing ability at his age. Kamara has played with Mark Ingram for the past two years, and now that Ingram is in Baltimore he will show he can run with Murray as well. The Dome should be fine; it has held up for years, even during Katrina.

The Saints should be just fine and play their home games while maintaining a good record and playoffs in the process, but the NFL can be unpredictable a lot of times so anything can happen.


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