Champions Indoor Football

Champions Indoor Football



There are many arena football leagues out there nowadays. The biggest and longest-running is the Arena Football League (AFL). The Champions Indoor Football (CIF) is a reasonably new league being founded in 2014 and the inaugural season being in 2015. 

There are seven teams, and every team is based in the midwest from New Mexico to Iowa. There have been 16 total former teams in the CIF that are not currently there. 

The teams in the CIF include:

North Conference:

Omaha Beef (Ralston, Nebraska)

Salina Liberty (Salina, Kansas)

Sioux City Bandits (Sioux City, Iowa)

Wichita Force (Wichita, Kansas)

South Conference:

Amarillo Venom (Amarillo, Texas)

Duke City Gladiators (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Oklahoma Flying Aces (Enid, Oklahoma)

Championship History:

The championship game in the league is the “Champions Bowl,” and they have had a total of 5 since their leagues beginning. Their Championships include:

Champions Bowl I: Sioux City Bandits vs. Texas Revolution (Bandits win 76-61)

Champions Bowl II: Wichita Force vs. Amarillo Venom (Force win 48-45)

Champions Bowl III: Texas Revolution vs. Omaha Beef (Revolution win 59-49)

Champions Bowl IV: Duke City Gladiators vs. Sioux City Bandits (Gladiators win 31-27)

Champions Bowl V: Duke City Gladiators vs. Salina Liberty (Gladiators win 35-29)

The Duke City Gladiators hold the record for most championships with two as they beat the Liberty in the most recent champions bowl. 

Only one former team has won or even been to a championship, and that is the Texas Revolution. They joined from the IFL into the CIF as an inaugural member. They played in the CIF during the 2019 season, but with a record of 4-1, they folded midseason. 

The Champions Indoor Football League has only played five seasons and seems like a good league for the time being. Players are paid $75- $300 per game before taxes. There are no other benefits, but the league will most likely grow from here. 

In 2014, when the league was created, a merge from the CPIFL and the LSFL created the CIF. The Founders are named as Ricky Bertz, Stephanie Tucker, and Darlene Jones. The current interim Commissioner is Rickey Bertz, and Director is Sonny Clark. The headquarters is in Ralston, Nebraska where the Omaha Beef is located. 

During the 2018 season, the former team that was the West Michigan Ironmen would join the league for the 2019 season. During the off-season, they would add an expansion team being the Oklahoma Flying Aces. They also lost the Bismarck Bucks and the Quad City Steamwheelers to the IFL. Except when the 2019 schedule was released the West Michigan Ironmen, and the Kansas City Phantoms were removed as members of the league. 

Some former teams that people know from some other leagues including the IFL are the Sioux Falls Storm (IFL), West Michigan Ironmen (AAL), Quad City Steamrollers (IFL), Bismark Bucks (IFL), Bloomington Edge (Independent).               

Most Former teams folded soon after leaving the CIF. Some other ones left, joined another league, and then folded. The teams that folded that are not current are, CenTex Cavalry (2017), Chicago Eagles (2016), Dallas Marshals (2018), Dodge City Law (2017), Kansas City Phantoms (2018), New Mexico Stars (2016), River City Raiders (2017), Salina Bombers (2015), San Angelo Bandits (2016), Texas Revolution (2019), and the Wichita Falls Nighthawks (2017). 

This league could grow, but leagues need teams and need to be interesting for people to watch it. If this league adds a few teams and gets fans, then it grows from there. That’s what this league needs, just fans. The more people who watch a team, the more people watch the league, the more people hear about it. 

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