Auburn Tigers Schedule Review

    The Auburn Tigers ended their regular season 7-5 before going to play the Purdue Boilermakers in the Music City Bowl game. The Tigers won 63-14 and ended the 2018 season 8-5. The Tigers had six players drafted, two more than last year.

    The highest drafted Tiger was cornerback, Jamel Dean, who went 94th overall in the third round to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The next player was quarterback, Jarrett Stidham, who went 133rd overall to the New England Patriots. The third Tiger was wide receiver, Darius Slayton, with the 171st overall pick to the New York Giants. The next drafted Tiger was linebacker, Deshaun Davis, with the 210th overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals. The fifth player was halfback, Chandler Cox, with the 233th overall pick to the Miami Dolphins. The final Tiger was defensive tackle, Dontavius Russel, only two picks later with the 235th overall pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars.


     Week 1: Oregon Ducks

     Score Prediction: 24-17 Tigers

The Oregon Ducks went 9-4 last season but they will probably do worse than last season. Auburn started last season off strong with a win against Washington who ended up 10-4. The Tigers will start this season strong as well with a win over the Ducks.

    Week 2: Tulane Green Wave

    Score Prediction: 41-11 Tigers

The Green Wave went 7-6 last season in the American Athletic Conference. Tulane started last season off weak through the first 7 games with a record of 2-5. Tulane has not started a season off with a winning record in the first 7 games since 2013. The Tigers will end up 2-0 for the first 2 games.

    Week 3: Kent State Golden Flashes

    Score Prediction: 45-7 Tigers

The Golden Flashes went 2-10 last season in the Mid-American Conference. Kent State won’t be one of the top 25 teams this season and they won’t be able to beat the Auburn Tigers in week 3 of the 2019 season.

    Week 4: Texas A&M Aggies

    Score Prediction: 21-17 Aggies

The Aggies are a pretty powerful team this season and they might do better than last season with a 10-2 record as they went 9-3 last year in the regular season. They will stop the Tigers 3 game win streak and the Tigers will go onto 3-1.

    Week 5: Mississippi State Bulldogs

    Score Prediction: 24-21 Tigers

The Bulldogs went 8-5 as the Tigers did last season but won vs the Tigers in week 6 by a score of 23-9. The Tigers win this matchup and advance to 4-1.

    Week 6: Florida Gators

    Score Prediction: 42-27 Gators

The Gators were one of the best teams in the NCAA last year finishing off 10-3. They also rank #8 on the post-spring top 25 rankings. It will be a tough game for Auburn but I don’t have high expectations for the Tigers in week 6.

    Week 7: Bye Week

This week is in between the Florida Gators and the Arkansas Razorbacks so this is a helpful rest period for the Tigers.

    Week 8: Arkansas Razorbacks

    Score Prediction: 38-6 Tigers

The Razorbacks are one of the weakest teams coming into 2019 finishing 2018 off with a 2-10 record but a 0-8 SEC record. The Tigers will win this game and onto 5-2 for them.

    Week 9: LSU Tigers

    Score prediction: 17-14 LSU Tigers

The Tigers are a very strong team even after doing star players such as Greedy Williams. They are #7 on the post-spring top 25 and they will likely go up as they were top three last season at one point. Auburn just won’t get the hang and will lose by a field goal.

    Week 10: Ole Miss Rebels

    Score Prediction: 27-12 Tigers

The Rebels aren’t an amazing sight to see on the field but this season there’s a good chance they shape up. This week is hard for the Tigers as it is between LSU and the Georgia Bulldogs. They do come out with the win and go onto 6-3.

    Week 11: Bye Week

The Tigers desperately need this week as next team on their list is the high and mighty Georgia Bulldogs.

    Week 12: Georgia Bulldogs

    Score Prediction: 27-24 Bulldogs

The Bulldogs are ranked #3 on the post-spring top 25. They finished 11-3 with a 7-1 SEC record and one of the best in the league. The Tigers won’t hold onto the game and will lose on a game-winning field goal in the Bulldogs favor.

    Week 13: Samford Bulldogs

    Score Prediction: 52-3 Tigers

The Bulldogs on this side aren’t nearly as good as the Georgia Bulldogs and won’t put up much of a fight as Auburn prepares for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    Week 14: Alabama Crimson Tide

    Score Prediction: 27-17 Tigers

The Tigers train hard for this game and the Tide and their fan base underestimate them. They pull through for the victory vs the High and Mighty Crimson Tide.


Auburn Tigers Final Regular Season Record: 8-4

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