Raptors Take Game Three

Raptors game three



Last night was game three of the 2019 NBA Finals. Game three took place in Golden State. After the Warriors came off a win in Toronto, they fell to the Raptors 123 to 109. The Raptors outscored the Warriors in all four quarters. The Raptors currently have a 2-1 lead in the finals. Golden State struggled this game, so critics believe the absence of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant played a factor in how last nights game ended.

The Raptors were unified after suffering the loss in game two. Kawhi Leonard played for 38 minutes and led his time in points. Within those 38 minutes, Leonard had seven rebounds, six assists and scored 30 points. Kyle Lowry played 43 minutes. He had four rebounds, nine assists and scored 23 points. Pascal Siakam played a tough game as well. Siakam played for 39 minutes. Within those 39 minutes, Siakam had nine rebounds, six assists and scored 18 points.

The Warriors were outplayed during game three. Steph Curry played 43 minutes. Within those 43 minutes, Curry had eight rebounds, seven assists, and 47 points. Draymond Green was the second highest scorer in last nights game, with 17 points. Green played 41 minutes and had seven rebounds and four assists. Andre Iguodala played 31 minutes and had six rebounds, three assists and scored 11 points. Analysts have been waiting for DeMarcus Cousins to show up during the finals. Last night Cousins only played 15 minutes. Within those 15 minutes, Cousins had three rebounds, two assists and scored only four points. For game four, the Warriors need to get their team on the same page. Game four will be Friday, June 7th in Golden State at 9 pm EST. 

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