Manchester City, Premier League Champions

Manchester City

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The regular season has ended for the English Premier League, and it has seen Manchester City win the league after having been pushed by a motivated Liverpool the entire way as Manchester City have won with 98 points as compared to Liverpool’s 97 points.

While Liverpool was not able to take the EPL crown, a trophy that has not been to Anfield for over 20 years they can still end the season with some silverware to make the sting from losing the title a little easier to cope with. With the elation that Manchester City and their fans must feel other teams are not feeling so lucky as they have been relegated from the Premier League to the Championship, Fulham FC, Huddersfield Town, and Cardiff City leave the bright lights of the Premier League to the Championship.

While the league is not unfamiliar to these teams, they will be looking to take the lessons they learned in the Premier League in the hopes of a quick return back to the top. The rest of the league will look to bolster their squads and hopefully challenge for the top next year.

The Premier League season will have new teams promoted from the championship that will look to stay in the league if not win it, those teams are currently Norwich City and Sheffield United who will be joined by a third team that will be decided in the championship playoffs. 

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