4 Draft Night Trades That Could Reshape the NFL Landscape.

2019 NFL Draft Trade Scenario

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It’s here! The NFL Draft is upon us. This evening the hard work and dreams of many young men will come to fruition. The hopes and dreams of a few franchises and fan bases may be realized this season, and it all begins tonight. While there are many scenarios that could play out tonight here are four trades that could reshape the faces of multiple organizations. These are purely speculation and “in a perfect world” ideas that may not be so far fetched.

  1. Arizona trades out of the first spot- While it seems that taking Kyler Murray here is the most likely scenario a deal with Oakland is possible. Jon Gruden is quite smitten with Murray as is Kliff Kingsbury. Derek Carr is the franchise guy for the Raiders, but he and Coach Gruden don’t seem to have the best of relationships. So if Oakland trades up from 4 to the number 1 spot for Murray, what do they do with Carr? Let’s say for the sake of this piece that Arizona gets the 4th pick plus the Raiders 4th round selection this year. Josh Rosen stays in Arizona, and the Raiders take Murray at 1.
  2. Oakland trades Derek Carr to Washington- Seems insane, right? Not so much so if you look at the draft capital of Washington with nine selections this year and a need for a franchise QB. Let’s say Washington gives up one of their 3rd round(96th overall) picks this season plus a second and 6th next year. Throw in  LB Ryan Anderson to sweeten the pot. They get a franchise-caliber quarterback who can put them in contention for the division every year. Carr gets away from the toxic environment of the Raiders. The Redskins get to keep their early round picks and bring in another pass rusher as well as a new receiver for Carr. Yes, they have the cap space to take on his contract, and he may even negotiate a deal to lessen his cap hit.
  3. Broncos trade up to 5 for Haskins- Knowing that the Giants are hot for OSU product Dwayne Haskins makes John Elway jump the gun and the Giants to take him at 5. The Buccaneers who have the 5th pick move down to 10 and stay in position to take a top pass rusher. Probably Brian Burns or Devin White if he is still available. Elway gets his QB for the future and gives up very little to get him. They may throw in a mid to late rounder this year to secure the deal.
  4. New Orleans makes a deal with Oakland to get back in the 1st round- The Raiders have three first round picks. New Orleans has none. They also need receiver help. For a 3rd this year and 2nd next year the Saints get into the first round and select N’Keal Harry of Arizona State to give Drew Brees another weapon with the 27th selection.

So let’s recap this crazy draft scenario. Arizona keeps Josh Rosen and trades away the number 1 pick to Oakland. Oakland takes Kyler Murray, and the Cardinals have a chance to bolster their defense with the 4th pick. Oakland ends up with two first round picks and 3 in the 3rd. They deal Derek Carr to the QB needy Redskins and get a solid pass rushing linebacker in Ryan Anderson. The Redskins keep their first round pick and take a premier pass rusher or possibly a new toy for Carr to play with.

The Broncos jump the Giants for Dwayne Haskins and give up very little to do it. The Buccaneers drop to 10 and say hello to some help in their front 7. Not done with the dealing yet, Mayock and Gruden make a deal with the Saints for their last pick in the first round. New Orleans takes a receiver to help alleviate the attention on Michael Thomas and gives Brees a solid slot receiver. Doesn’t seem so crazy right?

As I said in the beginning, this is only speculation. Food for thought if you will. Will we see Arizona take Kyler Murray. Probably. We can even count on the Raiders trading at least one pick tonight for the right price. If things were to play out this way it would shake up the entire league and change the fortunes of multiple organizations. I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out! As always friends and readers, FORGE ON!

….. What you thought that was just something I put at the end of Iron articles? 

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