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David Beckham

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With the recent expansion announcement and the last few years of growth for soccer in America, there are a number of different reasons for the growth that has been seen. The MLS is getting noticed and is no longer just a league for European starts to go and retire to, its now a competitive league that has attracted world stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Nani, Kaki, Frank Lampard, and others. While these names are now combined with MLS teams, in the past these players would always be referenced with the teams that they played for and not the one that they were actively playing for. No longer do you think about Zlatan as a Juventus, Barcelona, or Manchester United player; now you see him making the same amazing goals but in Sunny LA. For Kaka and Nani they are now more associated with Orlando City than other teams from the past and part of that is thanks to an individual that was brought over some 12 years ago in a shocking transfer from Real Madrid to the La Galaxy.


David Beckham transferred from the most successful club in European soccer to the LA Galaxy at a time when the MLS was not considered a good league. When he made that transfer MLS was propelled from a small league in the US to a world watched league thanks to the star power that was about to land in LA. Beckham helped to change the perception of MLS from a league that was a retirement league to a league that was respected thanks to not only his arrival but also his willingness to represent the league across the world. Wherever David would go he would talk about the league and the play that is there, and while it is not the same as European soccer, it is still packed with quality play, and David made sure that people knew that.

David Beckham was often loaned out during his time at LA, and that did help to foster some resentment towards him as he was accused of not being interested in the league or LA. But by being loaned out he was able to carry the flame of MLS talent into European clubs and competitions and say hey look at me I am an MLS player taking it to teams here, and that did help the league grow as a whole. David Beckham did eventually retire from soccer, and he has been remembered for his playing days in LA with a statue to him, but he has not been idle in retirement having announced the formation of a new club being formed in Miami, Inter Miami.


David Beckham is a part owner of the new team and has continued to show his commitment to growing the sport here in America by helping to bring MLS to the forefront of sports. The club is expected to begin to play in the 2020 season and has already started to set up a rivalry with the other MLS club in Florida (Orlando City). David Beckham showed that he was committed to the league in 2007, and has continued to show his commitment not only to the game in America but also the game as a whole. 

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