Peace, Love And Soccer


Bob Marley.

The name is synonymous with peace, love, reggae, and Jamaica but for soccer fans worldwide he is also a cultural icon for football/soccer. While Bob certainly loved music, and the world loved him and his music, he also loved football once saying that ” I love music before I love football. If I love football first maybe, it can be dangerous. I love music and then football after.” Bob Marley, August 1980.

The Rasta legend loved soccer, the image of him playing at his home on Hope Road is a popular image found all over, but the sport is also a part of the myth that surrounds his death.  According to myth, doctors found a lesion on his foot that was attributed to the game and that injury lead to his death, but the myth is false as the mark was a melanoma that is common for the type of melanoma that would eventually kill Bob Marley. With his love of the sport being known, the Marley family has continued to help grow soccer in Jamaica.

The Women’s team is in existence today thanks to Cedella Marley finding out that the team was about to be disbanded due to lack of funding, the team today exists because of the support of the Marley’s. Bob Marley may be gone, but his love of the sport can be felt through his family and has led to a new generation of players being able to represent their country and wear the flag of Jamaica for all the world to see, just as Bob Marley would have wanted.

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