Nikki Bella Announces WWE Retirement On Season 4 Finale Of Total Bellas

Nikki Bella announces MMA retirement


On the Season 4 Finale of the hit reality TV series “Total Bellas”, Nikki Bella shocked the world by announcing that she is ready to “hang up the jersey” and retire from WWE. When discussing her retirement, Nikki noted that the travel to travel was getting really rough on her. She feels that she is getting a little older and that the time has come to open a new chapter in the life of Nikki Bella. Her sister and longtime tag team partner Brie Bella stood by Nikki in agreement encouraging her to hang up her boots right next to hers.

Nikki Bella debuted in the WWE on Smackdown in the year 2007. Since making her debut with her sister, Nikki Bella has not only been a successful tag team competitor but she found great success as a solo superstar as well. Currently, Nikki Bella is the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history with a title reign that lasted a total of 301 days. Nikki Bella along with her sister has been a cornerstone of what is known as “the women’s evolution” in WWE. She has helped the women in WWE today in significant ways. Nikki and her sister helped take the WWE Women’s division to new heights with their hit reality TV show known as “Total Divas” which eventually led to their highly successful spinoff show “Total Bellas”. Nikki Bella also participated in the first ever all women’s PPV “WWE Evolution” in a match against Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship in October of 2018.

Check out the official retirement announcement made by Nikki Bella below:

How do you feel about Nikki decided to hang up her boots? Do you think that it is the right time for her to retire? What do you think is next in the life of Nikki Bella?

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