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2019 will be a comeback season for the USciences Devils, hailing from Philadelphia, PA. In 2018 the Devils won just eight out of 43 games, thus going 8-35. But this season they are rolling! They just knocked off the number 24 ranked team in the country and having some great bats, and the pitchers are dealing as well. I have believed in the Devils ever since I found them. I would love to say that I’m the self-proclaimed number one Devils fan, I will always support them through any win-loss record. All stats of this article are retroactive to March,21,2018.

The first player who got me into being a USciences baseball fanatic was Mack Gill, a pitcher who is a currently taking a redshirt season this season. He brings a lot of energy to the mound, and he is lights out when he is in the zone. I look for a monster year from him next season on the mound.

The fielders and hitters are looking good!

Matt McClennen, a sophomore outfield is lighting it up so far for the Devils! In 53 at-bats, he is hitting a .321 average, and five stolen bases!

Jordan Stennett, outfielder, is clutch in the field with a .957 field percentage. He is an excellent fielding asset to the team. He is a great hitter to as he hit .321 last year.

Jacob Whittington, Brian Magee, and AJ Pena are also players that are all very underrated and are significant assets to the team. They should continue to get more action. The potential of these guys could bloom into USciences legends!

Infielder, Senior, Nick Amicon who is one of the senior leaders for USciences is looking great on the field, and he doesn’t strikeout much at the plate at all. He also already has two doubles. Last year he led the team with a .329 batting average.

Outfielders, Joe Duffy, Justin Skinner, and Matt Guyger, are all running the bases well. Guyger and Skinner have a stolen base, and Duffy has two. Duffy is also.

Jared Capozza and Chris Anderson, infielders, are both coming into USciences baseball as a freshman. Capozza as a redshirt and Anderson as a true freshman. I see both having a great Devils baseball career.

The Devils pitchers are currently dealing!

The ace of the staff Kris Morgenweck is indubitably rolling. In his current four appearances, three of which being starts he has been a force. Sitting at 16 strikeouts in 16.1 innings of pitching so far, and he has recorded a save as well!

Starting pitcher John McCrane is averaging over 11 strikeouts a game and has 23 strikeouts in 18 innings of pitching. McCrane is clutch on the mound, and I see him continuing that all through the season.

Austin Blumetti, a sophomore relief pitcher, is looking good on the mound as well, earning eight strikeouts in 8 innings on the hill. I think he is one of the most underrated pitchers on the team being the only left-handed relief pitcher on the team.

Senior pitcher, Andrew Spzindor is sitting batters down as well. Having a pretty good year as of far, this is going to be a big year for him too, and I believe the Devils will send him out the right way with a great season.

Alec Sherk, who hasn’t seen any action to date in the season, but he is pretty clutch. Last season he put in 15.1 innings on the hill and averaged six strikeouts a game. I’m looking forward to seeing his return on the hill.

Jake Patridge in 17 innings so far, including a save, is holding it down on the mound. He is one of the go-to guys in the bullpen. Last season he struck out 21 batters in 22.2 innings.

Ryan Johnson who is a utility man, relief pitcher, and closer was on the mound to close out the game against number 24 ranked Wilmington, and I caught up with him to ask about how it felt. Johnson had this to say “It was a great feeling, I’ve come into close against them twice before in my freshman year, so I just went into like I was facing any other team, just trusted my stuff and tried to hit my spots.”

John Michael Sabatino is a great pitcher to have on the mound as well. He averages 8.68 strikeouts a game this season. He ended last year with 35 strikeouts in 41 innings.

Justin Derk a freshman, and Thomas Webster, a redshirt freshman are two pitchers who could both blossom into an ace and shutdown goes for seasons to come! I can’t wait for these guys to get more action on the mound.

Hiro Mizutani averages 11 strikeouts a game so far and looks to become a star starting pitcher. Last season he struck out 48 batters in 49 innings!

Conner Young and Joesph Jachimiak also have dealt will on the mound this season as in Philadelphia.

I got the chance to ask some of the players some questions for a Q&A also!

Ryan Johnson, Matt McClennen, Kris Morgenweck, and Mack Gill!

Q: What is your walkout song?

RJ: Pitching: Gods gonna cut you down by Johnny Cash, Hitting: Hillbully deluxe by Brooks and Dunn
MM: Like Us by Ayo and Teo
KW: “The Hum” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
MG: Saint by Travis Scott and Quavo

Q: Do you have any pregame superstitions?

RJ: Nah I don’t really believe in that stuff, I just make sure I’m focused and ready to go to work.
MM: I always have to have a low carb monster right before I take IO
KW: pregame superstitions are that I never step on the lines, always stick to a strict pregame routine, and say a prayer before first pitch
MG: Honestly pregame wise I just vibe with some music. And bring good energy making everyone laugh and have good vibes running into the game

Q: How do you stay calm in big situations or cool under pressure?

RJ: Staying confident, if I’m confident in myself no reason I can’t get the job done
MM: I have gotten more and more comfortable playing under pressure as I have gotten more opportunities in those kinds of situations.
KW: I stay cool under pressure by focusing on the glove and blocking out everything around me. I put trust in myself and the fielders behind me. And I try to bring as much energy in as possible.
MG: Personally I just think of everything I’ve been through, and that one game is nothing to me in the long run

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a USci Devils baseball player?

RJ: Being an underdog
MM: My favorite part about being a Devil is that I love the guys and coaches the team is a big family, and it’s awesome competition for each other
KW: Fav part is balling out with my boys and playing loose.
MG: Favorite part is the boys, man. Those guys are my brothers for life

The rest of this season will be fun to follow for the USciences Devils baseball team. It is comeback season, and the Devils are indeed rolling!

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