Coach Lo Locust Interview

Coach Lo Locust

Credit: Birmingham Iron

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit and talk with a pioneer in the sport of football. Defensive Line Assistant Coach for the Birmingham Iron Lori Locust. She described to me her upbringing in the sport and her path to the Alliance of American Football. I greatly appreciate her dedication to excellence and the team I have fallen so in love with. A special thanks to Julie Nelson, the Director of Team Communications for the Birmingham Iron, for setting up the interview. Also a very special thanks to Coach Lo Locust for her time. Hope everyone enjoys it and #Forge On!


Audio edit: Cole Malone of Iron Legion Podcast

Show Notes

00:00 Welcome

00:20 Introduction

00:33 What got you interested in coaching?

02:24 Why defensive line?

03:50 Bill Walsh Diversity Program.

05:09 Biggest coaching influence?

08:48 Does the defense struggle against the run?

11:05 Favorite thing to do outside of football?

13:00 Defensive line breakdown.

15:05 Who has stepped up for Josh Fraiser?

16:50 Thought on the offense?

18:45 Thanks and where you can listen.

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