Express Fall In A Close One

Credit: Memphis Express


Sunday the Atlanta Legends and Memphis Express duked it put to see who the superior team was. All in all, it was a hard fought game on both sides. In the end, the Express came up just short, but I am still optimistic.

The Express defense played pretty well. Montori Hughes, the big man at 350 lbs, was a menace on the defensive line. He rushed many passes and ripped through the offensive line like it was easy.

Offensively, the receivers except for Reece Horn need to step up, The other receivers rarely can get open leaving Mettenberger always looking for Horn, who he found for a touchdown. Zac Stacy didn’t do anything notable in the yards and carries area, but he did score two touchdowns on the day.

Credit: Shawn Chesser (Ambush Sports Network)

Aaron Murray had a really good game which surprised me a lot because I didn’t think he would do so good. That leaves my question at, is the Memphis Express secondary that bad? Or is Aaron Murray that good?. Myself, I’m leaning towards the latter actually. Mettenberger I do think is better in terms of arm and raw talent, but he just doesn’t have the team to show it.

The game was lost 23-20 with Younghoe Koo landing the game-winner with 13 seconds left in the game. It was a competitive game to the end. I’m not giving up on Memphis, and I really do think the talent is there, they just need the right coaching and a win to get the spark back under them. Be sure to check out my pre-game article later in the week. 

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