Prospect Interview: Uriel Hernandez

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Uriel Hernandez is a guy I enjoyed watching throughout his college career at Bethune-Cookman. While being a Panther he always brought the energy to the field, being 5’4″ he is always someone I like being an underdog. Stay tuned until the end of the article for a Q&A with him!.

Statistically this year he had a pretty good year going 8/10 on field goals. One of which was blocked against North Carolina Central in a thriller game which he ended up converting the winning field goal in double overtime. That was my favorite game I watched this season of any football.

He is very good under pressure handling it very well too, so I think a pro team should give him a look. He could definitely be the go-to field goal kicker for any team! Now on to the Q&A.

Q: What was it like to beat rival NC Central in that legendary double overtime game this past fall?

A: Playing NC central is always a tough only because they go toe to toe till the clock hits zero. That game specifically was one that I will remember for a lifetime; I didn’t expect it to end in that fashionable manner. After I got my kicks blocked in the first half, I was literally in awe because not only was it senior night but also I had my parents watching so I didn’t want that game to end with a loss. Came back after halftime with a different mindset and my team just kept fighting and fighting and when my name was called I put my team on my back and capitalized

Q: How do you stay locked in under pressure and not let it get to you?

A: Just staying focused and not letting the past get to you .. honestly it’s really a mind thing, I personally just forget about whatever happened in the first half and continue to motivate my teammates throughout the entire game

Q: What was your favorite moment of your college career?

A: Going to Lincoln Nebraska and playing the Cornhuskers. Playing in front of 90,000 people

Q: What is your favorite song or songs to listen to before a game?

A: “Don’t look any further ” by Dennis Edwards

“Dance to the drummers beat ” by Herman Kelly

“Hanging on a string ” by loose ends

“Set it off” by strafe

“play at your own risk” by planet control

Q: If you could play for any pro team who would you pick?

A: Cleveland Browns just because I feel like I’ve been an underdog.

Thanks for taking the time for the Q&A Uriel! You can follow him on Instagram @hernan__41. I’ll be a fan of his throughout the next level!

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