Memphis Express Comeback

Memphis Express Comeback

Now that we are approaching week 4, it is time for the Memphis Express to turn the season around. With an 0 and 3 start, the Express have been struggling. The Express have been having great difficulty executing plays and these issues start from the top. Former starting quarterback Christian Hackenberg had trouble leading his team. Hackenberg attempted 62 passes, and out of that 62, 32 were completed. Hackenberg averages 51.6% of pass completions.

Based on the results on the past three weeks, the Memphis Express decided to start their backup quarterback Zack Mettenberger. Mettenberger starting in week four will determine if the quarterback was the overall issue with the Memphis Express. Mettenberg has completed 75% of his passes. The hope from the team and the fans are for Mettenberger to lead his team to their first win of the season.

On Saturday, March 2nd the Memphis Express will take on the 2-1 San Diego Fleet. Can Zack Mettenberger end the drought in Memphis? Coaches believe Zack Mettenberger has what it takes to win this game on their home field. 

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