Express vs. Fleet: The Mett Show

Credit: Shawn Chesser (Ambush Sports Network)

Last weekend, the Express went down but showed signs of life. Zach Mettenberger was finally named the starter after Christian Hackenberg having his third dud start in a row. Right now I believe the Express are looking better than ever with the Mett under center, doing more in 2 quarters than Hackenberg could do in 3 games. The Fleet will be make it or break it.

The Express will defiantly be airing the ball out more against the Fleet with Mettenbergers arm. Fleet will be running it more; Terrell Watson and Ja’quan Gardener are a beastly pair. Gardener indubitably has some wheels which took him for an 83-yard touchdown run last weekend. The Express linebackers will have their hands full with him and powerful back Watson. Watson can plow thru guys and make way for himself.

The Express on the opposition have Zac Stacy who is second in rushing, but that’s mainly because of Hackenberg’s lack of arm, so that will be interesting to see if his number is called as much in this game. I would expect him to be getting some short passes.

Credit: Shawn Chesser (Ambush Sports Network)

The receiving group edge goes to the Express. With Devin Lucien and Fabian Guerra most likely coming back. The new quarterback should bring life back to Guerra who always seems to bring the heat, but just couldn’t get the ball with Hackenberg under center. Lucien should be running some deep routes using his speed to burn the Fleet secondary now that the Mett is the show caller with a huge arm.

Defensively I think they should both be pretty good, but the Fleet let up only 12.7 points a game, but then again they didn’t play a quarterback with a big arm yet. Logan Woodside from the Commanders last week and as well as week one is not throwing many deep balls at all.


At the end of the day, I have to pick the Express to win this battle. Memphis Express 27 – San Diego Fleet 13. 

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